EyeView Quiz Tests Knowledge of Online Video Effectiveness


Think you know how to create effective online video? Take EyeView's five question quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

This Tel Aviv-based company has made its name from knowing how to use video to increase conversion rates on commercial websites. That is, the company knows how to turn browsers into buyers. EyeView's clients don't just get a one-shot video, but an ongoing monthly service that continuously tweaks and refines video content, placement, and calls to action to get the best conversion rate for their sites.

Along the way, the people at EyeView have learned quite a bit about what constitutes an effective video, and the results can be surprising. The company released an eight-question quiz last year, and now it's following that up with a five-question version that includes questions such as the following:

• If a video has a voiceover, is it more persuasive with an American or British accent?

• Would a video that ends with an arrow flying around the screen and then pointing to the button you want viewers to click be more or less effective than the same page with a static arrow?

• Are potential customers more likely to be persuaded by a video that plays automatically on page load, or by a video they need to start themselves?

Once you've answered the five questions (the answers might surprise you), EyeView gives you the chance to tweet your score and invite others to take the quiz. During the first eight hours of the quiz, five random tweeters each hour will win an Amazon gift card.

The quiz is "a fun way to message what we do," says Daniel Sevitt, director of corporate communications at EyeView (and who, perhaps not coincidentally, speaks with a British accent). "It's kind of unusual for a B2B company to do something like this."

t; After you've taken the quiz, you can download a five-page PDF file with detailed explanations of each answer.

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