EncodingAll Cloud Encoder Adds Speech to Text

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Cloud video encoding service EncodingAll has launched a useful feature: speech to text transcription. The service is able to analyze audio tracks and output subtitle files and keyword XML files. That should give content owners a big boost with search engine optimization (SEO), as search engines will have a much better idea of the contents of each video.

EncodingAll encodes and transcodes uploaded videos into multiple formats. It offers no-obligation pricing where content owners purchase encoding packs that cover their needs, paying for their orders online.

"To make a difference, it's essential to get the best tools for video search engine optimisation. EncodingAll help its users to get a more efficient delivery of media content," says Jean-Louis Bénard, EncodingAll's CEO.

The service is able to encode into 40 different formats, including those for mobile devices, IPTV, web browsers, game consoles, and Blu-ray drives. The company has announced that it will soon expand beyond video encoding and will offer encoding for other types of media.

"Our goal is to provide a solution capable for encoding all kinds of files: not only video files, but all media files to help users in their multichannel strategy broadcasts," adds Bénard.

EncodingAll is based in France, but serves the American, Asian, and European markets.

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