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Encoding service provider Encoding.com is launching Mobile Made Easy today, offering presets that allow customers to encode video for mobile devices in one step.

According to Jeff Malkin, president of Encoding.com, the ability to easily encode for mobile devices has been his customers' biggest request. This collection of presets lets them optimize video for each mobile platform without having to know the specifications for any of them.

"We continue to be driven by customer demand for new features," says Malkin. He calls the offering "a great leap forward."

Encoding.com is offering presets for iPhone and iPad progressive download, iPhone and iPad HTTP streaming, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Nokia/Samsung.

"You the customer no longer have to worry about the continual tech evolution with new mobile formats. You don't have to do the homework about the device specs to look good. You can continue to work on content and we'll make sure it looks good," says Malkin.

Mobile Made Easy is offered as a collection of presets rather than one selection for all mobile video so that customers can choose only the mobile devices they need to reach. The a la carte selections let them save money by taking only the formats they want.

Customer requests have been highest for iOS device encoding.

"Without a doubt, it was predominantly all iPhone and iPad," says Malkin. "Only recently in the last couple months have we seen increased demand for Android. Very recently, we're starting to see BlackBerry video pick up."

Malkin notes that major media companies are increasingly choosing cloud-based encoding for new mobile formats, rather than building up their existing infrastructure.

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