Coull and PubMatic Create Programmatic Private Marketplace

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London-based video advertising technology company Coull announced today that it has partnered with advertising exchange PubMatic to create a private marketplace for programmatically buying in-video overlay advertising. These overlays will run worldwide on Coull's partner network, which the company says includes media partners in over 180 markets, and is an alternative option for advertisers shut out of limited premium pre-roll ads.

Currently, Coull's network shows over six billion video views each month. Coull technology analyzes the content of each video to match it with relevant ads. Doing so results in an improved user experience, higher engagement, and increased revenue, the company says.

PubMatic is bringing the programmatic element to this partnership, which includes automated ad-buying powered by PubMatic technology. A PubMatic representative said the company was delighted to partner with Coull in a private marketplace believed to be the first of its kind.

“We’ve always believed that a sustainable digital economy relies upon a value exchange between the publisher, the advertiser and the user,” says Irfon Watkins, Coull's founder and CEO. “This partnership gives marketers a way to deliver targeted ads within the stream of premium video content, generating an additional source of revenue for our media partners and ensuring users are served ads that are relevant to the content experience they’re having.”

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