24i Unveils Mod Studio, a New Unified Product Portfolio

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24i, the video streaming specialist, today unveiled the latest version of its award-winning end-to-end streaming platform: 24i Mod Studio.

The new positioning more clearly articulates the flexibility and modularity of 24i’s solutions for OTT, Pay TV and Broadcast customers. 24i Mod Studio is a single product portfolio that brings together 24i’s existing solutions with the middleware and systems integration capabilities added through the recent acquisition of Danish Pay TV specialists Nordija.

Modern, Modular, Modifiable: Mods make streaming simple

Mod Studio is made up of a library of highly configurable, pre-integrated modules known as “Mods”. Each Mod enables a set of key features - from video ingest, transcode or network PVR functionality, to advanced recommendations and white label front-end apps for a huge range of connected devices.

24i CEO Joachim Bergman said: “Our mantra at 24i is ‘streaming made simple’ and our productized solutions are designed to improve speed to market and operational efficiency, while offering our customers a high-quality and future-proof user experience that meets their needs. With 24i Mod Studio, we can strike the perfect balance between the simplicity and cost-efficiency of an off-the-shelf product and the configurability our customers need to create a solution that’s uniquely tailored to their brand.”

One streaming platform, a thousand ways to make it your own

In addition to establishing the new identity for its end-to-end video streaming platform, 24i has chosen a selection of Mods to create pre-packaged, entry-level solutions for two key market segments - 24i OTT Studio and 24i Pay TV Studio. These pre-configured solutions are designed to cover all the essential functionality needed by programmers and distributors to launch fast and grow their streaming service while limiting capital expenditure. These options allow customers to offload responsibility for infrastructure, applications and day-to-day technical operations to the experts at 24i. 

Cinessance, a brand-new OTT platform dedicated to French Film, is the first customer to use the 24i OTT Studio solution. The service went live in mid-November to consumers in the US and Canada with plans for extensive future global expansion.

Clément Monnet, Cinessance Founder & CEO, said: “To maximize our efficiency, we did not want to build or host any of our streaming technology ourselves. We chose 24i OTT Studio because we knew from the beginning that we wanted a technology platform that had everything we needed in one, as well as the scale to handle our exciting plans to reach consumers on new devices and in many additional countries.”

The Mod Studio also includes options for customers in each market who require greater customization. The Studio Select option is designed for customers who need more advanced functionality including solutions from our pre-integrated technical partners. And should a content owner want to make the most of their existing infrastructure investments while extending their reach, there’s 24i Premiere Select which gives them the option to combine selected Mods with their own streaming backend.

24i CEO Joachim Bergman added: “Whether you’re after an end-to-end solution for the rapid launch of a new SVOD service or want to leverage your existing infrastructure while reaching devices like Smart TVs using our proven app framework; 24i Mod Studio has the Mods to meet your needs. We have invested the time and money building our own fully integrated end-to-end streaming infrastructure, so our customers don’t have to do the same thing themselves. This new version of our portfolio is an important part of our ongoing transformation to offer the scalable, productized, streaming solutions that OTT services, Pay TV providers and broadcasters need to succeed in an increasingly competitive media landscape.”

[Editor's note: This is a lightly edited press release.]

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