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Over the past few years, our vision for this column has covered the adoption of Just-in-time Video Delivery, the widespread move to Multi-Vendor DRM with EMEs and the simplification of the Live2VOD. Now, if not ubiquitous, at least these subjects are more widely understood. Going forwards next year, our focus is to ensure that these key aspects of video delivery are tightly integrated into robust and flexible, workflows rather than being seen as disparate parts of an overall solution. 

At VUALTO, we certainly don’t believe in prescribing a one-size fits all video delivery workflow for our clients. From our experience, each Broadcaster and Content Owner has specific requirements for their video workflow, whether it be interfacing with existing systems, dealing with legacy content, non-standard subtitles or just needing to process video in a specific way. Our approach has always been to use our established building blocks/best of breed tools and use them to construct flexible video delivery workflows that are tailored to each of our clients. This flexibility allows us to respond to a fast-changing video landscape more quickly than some established off-the-shelf solutions. This will continue to be our focus for 2018, improving coherence between the individual parts of the delivery workflow, adding more pluggable components and providing the best Workflow Orchestration tools to provide overall control of the video delivery. 2018 will be about even smarter workflows and setting the bar high for Live and On-demand Video Delivery.

Camilla Young


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