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How 360 video VR might be changing the advertising industry

360 videos can present an opportunity for advertisers to reach massive audiences. This year will be 90 M active VR users worldwide and this figure is predicted to reach at 171 M active VR users globally, while the VR headset shipments will increase from 12 M in 2017 to just over 55 M in 2022.

An experiment was conducted to find out whether 360 video advertising drive more viewer engagement than standard video advertising.

Each campaign featured a 60-second spot, one version was shot and presented in 360 video, and the other was a standard format video ad. Both ads included a call to action button that drove to an extended version, so that we could see if the 360 video ad was better than the standard ad at driving viewers to a full-length video.

The experiment result was interesting with the following facts:

  1. 360 video doesn’t over perform on traditional viewer metrics
  2. 360 ad had a higher click-through rate, meaning that viewers were more interested in checking out the full-length version of the video.
  3. 360 video drives viewers to share, subscribe, and view other videos. In total, the 360 ad drove 41% more earned actions than the standard ad. The full-length 360 video had a 46% higher view count than the standard full-length piece.

The conclusion of the experiment is that 360 video has the potential to drive engagement in promising new ways.

Veeplay is a technology company dedicated to helping publishers worldwide deliver the best video experience and better monetize their video content on mobile devices through native mobile video player SDKs.

Alex Dragos Cercel


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