Streamworks Is Driving the Live Online Video Revolution

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[Note: This sponsored interview was recorded at Streaming Forum 2013.] 

Live video is exploding online, and one of the primary companies making that happen is Streamworks. Whether it's news, sports, or entertainment, Streamworks is letting broadcasters put a compelling live experience online. At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Streamworks CEO Ray Mia explained his company's singular focus.

"We focus on live. That's our modus operandi; that's the thing that we believe the industry is migrating towards," Mia said. "As opposed to being a one-size-fits-all, we're really attacking that one specific issue of being able to get the best user experience with live content of different devices. That's certainly one of the issues that sets up apart. We also use our own proprietary systems. Pretty much everybody else in the ecosystem are using the same or a combination of the same kit that is available across the world. What Streamworks has done is really looked at all the ingredients regarding the entire streaming workflow -- production workflow -- and really isolate the areas that need optimizing and improving.

Streamworks is able to delivery quality live video because of its experience. Mia and many of his top hires come from the live broadcast world.

"My background is in television broadcast and the people that I've brought together within the company over the last two-and-a-half, three years have a predominant live broadcast background, whether that be news or in sports or entertainment," Mia said. "Live content for broadcasters is the Shangri-La. It's the thing that drives the entire television industry. It's the thing you can sell more advertising against, it's the thing you can build subscription models against, and pay-per-view platforms. Live is always going to be a critical mover for audiences.

To hear more, including how Streamworks has managed to attract major name partners and why a company is only as good as its last stream, watch the full interview below.


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