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There’s a continuing and accelerating trend that sees the better integration of technologies. We’ve already seen some good uses of data to add value to video – but there is a long way to go. We have used data to index video but since our integration with the Press Association we see a great deal of opportunity to use data to create automated and meaningful clips.

Increasingly all these technologies will become wrapped up within the ‘AI’ label. So ‘image processing technologies’ that were previously used to identify significant parts of video and images will now be referred to as the ‘AI engine’. Despite this added vagueness, the contribution of AI will grow hugely, led by major players such as Amazon Web Services making the technology easy to access. We have already implemented their Amazon Rekognition service to tag live and on-demand video archives and bring these tags into our recommendation engine.

A consequence of this harmonisation of diverse technologies will be the increased value of OTT video rights – particularly within sport. The money generated by OTT is set to surpass traditional broadcast at just about the same time as the latter term becomes redundant. Coincident with this dynamic will be the contractual demand for better securitisation of streams – i.e. really effective DRM combined with Forensic Watermarking and effective policing. The effectiveness of DRM alone has been largely misunderstood, but the ROI advantages from proper application will change that.

Duncan Burbidge


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