Interview with Jonas Engwall, Chief Executive Officer of Bedrock

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With more than 20 years’ experience in the media and technology industry, and a professional career spanning almost a dozen countries, Jonas brings extensive expertise and a proven track record for leading business growth and international expansion. He joined RTL Group in 2007 in various strategy and business development positions. From 2013, he led the launch of RTL Group channels in India, and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of RTL CBS Asia, which was launched across 19 territories. In 2017, he served for two years as Head of iflix Asia – rolled out in 13 countries. Prior to joining Bedrock, he had rejoined RTL Group in 2019 as Senior Vice President Global Operations Management VOD. Jonas holds a Master in Economics and a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Bedrock Shapes the Future of Streaming Services With a State-of-the-Art Platform

Can you introduce Bedrock and explain its mission within the streaming industry?

Bedrock is a leading streaming technology firm that empowers clients to provide seamless, personalized, and engaging streaming experiences. Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art streaming tools and platforms that enable clients to thrive in the highly competitive streaming industry. Bedrock serves as the backbone of streaming services for major media players and broadcasters, offering robust solutions for video-on-demand (VoD), linear TV, live channels, and live sports.

How does Bedrock ensure its clients a competitive edge against global giants like Netflix and Disney?

Bedrock employs several strategies to give our clients a competitive edge. First, we prioritize innovation and stay ahead of technological advancements. Our dedicated research and development team monitors industry trends and emerging technologies, allowing us to anticipate market needs and develop innovative solutions. Second, our platform allows clients to tailor their offerings to specific target audiences and adapt to regional preferences. Additionally, we emphasize mutualization of developments and expenses, sharing technology and
expertise across our client base to offer cost-effective solutions with the same quality as global giants.

What factors have contributed to Bedrock’s recent growth, and how do you plan to sustain it?

Bedrock’s growth can be attributed to exceptional streaming technology and personalized solutions. Our commitment to delivering robust and reliable platforms has earned the trust of major media players, leading to increased partnerships and a growing client base. Continuous innovation is another driver of our growth. By investing heavily in tech development, we introduce new features, improve user experiences, and adopt cutting-edge technologies to meet evolving client needs. To sustain growth, we will continue investing in technology and talent, staying at the cutting edge, nurturing partnerships, and exploring expansion opportunities in new markets.

How does Bedrock ensure a seamless and engaging user experience across different devices and screens?

User experience is a top priority for Bedrock. We invest in robust and scalable infrastructure to handle high-quality streaming across various platforms. Our advanced recommendation algorithms and personalization techniques analyze user preferences and contextual information to deliver personalized content recommendations, regardless of the device used. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their target audience and customize the platform’s look and feel to match their brand identity, ensuring a consistent and immersive user experience.

What factors do you consider when selecting potential clients, and how do you create a win-win situation?

When selecting potential clients, we look for market leaders committed to high-quality content and user experiences. We consider the strategic fit between Bedrock and the client, evaluating how our technology aligns with their goals. By understanding their specific needs, we deliver solutions to meet their requirements and contribute to their success. In creating a win-win situation, we provide clients with state-of-the-art streaming platforms while benefiting from their market leadership and collaboration. By aligning our goals, we can drive growth, innovation,
and differentiation in the streaming market.

How does Bedrock support platforms transitioning from a subscription-led model to advertising-driven?

Bedrock supports platforms transitioning from a subscription-led model to advertising-driven by leveraging our 15+ years of experience in streaming tech and advertising strategy. We offer comprehensive solutions in collaboration with our partners, such as Yospace and Smartclip, that help broadcasters and media companies experiment with monetization formats, manage the complexity of ad tech, and optimize ad delivery. Thanks to our differentiated backend and frontend capabilities, we can ensure a seamless and robust advertising experience. By
partnering with Bedrock, clients can focus on their core business while accessing the best ad tech solutions to accelerate their transition to an advertising-driven model.

How does Bedrock prioritize innovation and stay at the forefront of streaming technology advancements?

Innovation is deeply ingrained in Bedrock’s culture. We have dedicated research and development teams that monitor industry trends, emerging technologies, and consumer behaviors. By staying updated on the latest developments, we anticipate market needs and develop innovative solutions. Collaborations with industry leaders provide valuable insights and perspectives. We invest in our
team’s expertise and create opportunities for continuous learning, ensuring our team remains knowledgeable and skilled in the latest streaming technologies.

What are Bedrock’s plans for expansion and any upcoming initiatives?

Bedrock aims to nurture existing partnerships and forge new collaborations with media players and broadcasters across Europe and beyond. We are excited about exploring opportunities in regions where streaming services are evolving. We will continue investing in technology and talent, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to enhance personalization, recommendation
capabilities, and data-driven decision-making. By shaping the future of streaming services, we aim to lead in this dynamic industry and provide exceptional value to clients and their audiences.




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