How Qbrick Succeeds with HBO Nordic and Other Large Clients

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[Note: This sponsored interview was recorded at Streaming Forum 2013.] 

This is turning out to be a big year for Qbrick, the Swedish company known for providing OVP solutions to large video clients. It recently took part in the HBO Nordic launch, for example, providing digital rights management, transcoding, and asset management for the new service. As Qbrick key account manager Anton Nilsson explains, his company had the tools, experience, and dedicated staff that HBO Nordic required.

Qbrick is no stranger to corporate clients, providing video streaming solutions both inside and outside the firewall.

"I think the major key differentiator for us is internal streaming solutions, where we have a really unique offer because we can comply with all the technical issues which comes with a large organization delivering video to all boxes around the world: that is such as bottlenecks for low bandwidth in China or Africa or remote locations where the infrastructure's not so good," Nilsson explained. "It's also the combination of live and on-demand for internal streaming; a combination of having both a conventional video management system, but also a more webcast-like solution for adding assets like PowerPoint, etc."

Corporate clients have been eager to create their own video-on-demand areas, essentially internal YouTubes, something Qbrick knows a lot about.

"One of our most popular products is called Presenter, and it's a tool where you can easily log-in and start a live webcast or quickly go to publishing on-demand," Nilsson says. "

For more on how Qbrick attracts large corporate clients, watch the full video below.


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