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In 2018, content delivery architects will use reliable UDP as the default protocol with TCP plus congestion control as a backup, depending on delivery context. Dynamic encoding that takes into consideration specific content features for quality and cost optimization will be the standard for OTT video. HEVC and to a lesser extent DASH will struggle with licensing cost threats. HLS with CMAF will be the road to go. Consumers’ tolerance for HTTP streaming end-to-end-latency will go down to 10s. The AV1 codec will get a lot of attention and press coverage, but will not yet be of any practical relevance. New OTT setups will by default be based on Multi-CDN and Multi-Cloud, devops-optimized.

Conversational access to online content via bot interfaces and smart speakers will get a lot of traction in 2018. Navigation by voice will not be a comfort feature but is expected. Content producers will suffer from additional device fragmentation pain and have to produce audio in multiple loudness levels to accommodate for various platforms and consumption environments.

On Monday, July 16th CDNs all over the world will issue press releases stating how the soccer world championship final broke previous records of concurrent users and bitrate delivered.


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