Coraid Has the Affordable Answer to Storing All Those Video Files

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[Note: This sponsored interview was recorded at Streaming Forum 2013.] 

When content owners need to encode video in more formats to stream to a growing number of devices, a natural question is bound to occur: Where is anyone going to store all that stuff? Coraid has the answer. It supplies modular solutions that companies can build on as needed.

At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Max Brown, senior systems engineer for Coraid, explained the problem that content owners are now facing.

"I think the challenges, as I see it, is that data is exploding: different formats that people are using, there's more data that's being used, it's pumped over the airwaves using IPTV, over-the-top," Brown noted. "In terms of storing data and people doing things like video ingest, if they're doing visual effects we're going from 2K to 4K, it's a massive explosion of data. The problem we're finding is that most of these companies can't react quickly enough to the explosion of the data, so what people need is a very flexible and a very scalable solution, but one that's also fairly low cost."

That's where Coraid can help. It offers modular solutions that work with existing workflows and can be built up over time.

"Compared to the old model of having to buy a huge model of storage upfront and then grow into it, what people need is modular storage that they can actually grow into, thereby solving that problem," Brown said. "It's a very modular-based approach where you buy what you need, when you need it."

To learn more about Coraid, watch the full interview below.


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