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In-House or Expert-Built: Choosing the BIY OTT

With global revenues steadily growing and reaching USD 30 billion, the OTT VOD market is nothing but a reasonable investment. Consumer behavior, demand for choice, and evolving interactions are transforming the industry. The dynamic nature of OTT makes this industry unlike traditional broadcast, and hence, it is far from the point of saturation. Any platform with the right value proposition and a backend designed for extensibility can indeed achieve success.

M&E companies with a long-term OTT strategy face a quandary of whether to build their platform from scratch themselves or to leverage expert partners with a proven technology stack. Both pathways have their issues and benefits. Building an in-house platform from scratch might seem like a sensible choice, but getting stuck in the process due to high costs and long development cycles, or ending up with a monolithic non-scalable platform is not uncommon. So, unless a company has enough resources to spare and plenty of experience in the OTT industry, seeking expert-built customizable solutions as a base seems more objective.

Establishing an OTT infrastructure is challenging; Companies not only want to give the best QoS and QoE to the viewers, but they also want streamlined workflows for the stakeholders behind the scenes. This can be achieved through a hybrid approach that combines the ambitions and requirements of the platform, including its numerous internal and external integrations, with a proven technology stack, from an experienced vendor, that allows for customization and in-house operation and development take-over.

Axinom, a provider of best-of-breed solutions for OTT content management and protection, is well-versed in fulfilling such vision. Axinom supplies a future-proof technology base to build OTT services that can be extended in-house to grow with the growing business and operational requirements.

Ralph Wagner


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