2020 EXECUTIVE PREDICTIONS: Sex, Cats, and Golf

I was told once that the subjects often topping the bookseller lists are either about sex, cats, or golf. So—logically—if you want to write a bestseller, simply choose the title that ticks all the boxes, and you can’t fail. I should perhaps add at this point that it was a shouted conversation at a very noisy party, and I may have misunderstood the whole thing. Maybe the shouting was all in Hausa, and explaining why there are no submarines in Chad—which there aren’t. 

Anyway—it sounds good, and in the context of all things streaming, it reminds us that the Ceteris Paribus Principle (some things might change radically, but other things stay constant) is as relevant in our industry as it ever was. We may indeed discover wonderful new ways of creating, delivering, and consuming our information, but the subjects that we’re actually interested in stay the same. And if we’re trying to be successful in this fizzing cauldron of opportunities, then we forget this principle at our peril. 

We need to be guided by those who can keep a level head under pressure; who can balance the buoyancy with the ballast tanks, the air vents, and the flood ports. Over the following pages, the Captains of Our Industry share with us their conning-tower common sense, their periscopic perceptiveness. What do they think will happen, and how can we best prepare for the amazing opportunities that await us in the deep blue yonder?

But at the same time, let’s also remember: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr—1839).

Read on ….

Sjoerd Vogt • UK and Europe Sales

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