Will the $200B Ad Market Move to Online Video?

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Advertisers are discovering online video, but not fast enough for online broadcasters. To chart the future of online video advertising, Sorosh Tavakoli, founder and CEO of Videoplaza, led a session at the recent Streaming Media Europe conference in London.

"Now with the introduction of IP, or internet-delivered, video, all the rules are changing again. So the rules around content, the rules around distribution, around, obviously, the user experience, and around how we monetize TV is changing fundamentally. YouTube is a big proof of that," Tavakoli said. "Broadcast TV ad spend is flat. TV is not growing anymore, but before we talk about that let's just talk about TV as an advertising medium. It is the biggest advertising medium on the planet. It's bigger than - actually not in this country anymore, because online is ahead - but if you look at Europe as a whole, every third ad dollar goes to TV."

If advertisers aren't investing more in television, that's good news for the online video market. Tavakoli shared results from a research report recently co-created by his company.

"One place to find growth is IP-delivered video. The market grows this year roughly 53 percent in Europe, 43 percent in the U.S. Ask yourself where that growth is actually coming from," Tavakoli said. "Infrastructure for IP-delivered video is very much in place, and 2012 is really the year where there's a tipping point, you could say."

For more on the future of online video advertising, watch the full presentation below.

What's Next for the $200 Billion TV Ad Spend Market?

Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder & CEO, Videoplaza

Whilst TV is still the most powerful medium on the planet to deliver reach, audiences are increasingly migrating on to new platforms. Advertisers and publishers need to shift their budgets if they want to maintain the relevance and reach they have previously enjoyed. This session will look at the size of the IP-delivered video advertising opportunity, and will address how video publishers can take advantage of this opportunity, whilst also tackling the challenges of retaining audiences and effectively monetising them across devices. The presentation will explore how video publishers can develop an effective, multi-device advertising plan that delivers on the promise of IP-delivered video.

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