Tips on Delivering Your Video Where Your Audience Wants It

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We're not living in a post-PC world yet, but mobile devices are making up an increasingly large part of the streaming video audience. Despite that, many companies forget about mobile when putting video online. That's the experience of James Wilkinson, director and co-founder of live video specialist Streaming Tank.

Speaking at the recent Online Video Strategies conference in London, Wilkinson said how surprising the omission can be.

"I'm quite surprised about how often you see a corporate website think 'We've got to do some video, we've got to put it on our website,' and if they put it in Flash, they do actually forget that maybe if it is in HTML5 or the player has a sniffer that can broadcast to an iPad or an iPhone, they'll get a much larger audience," said Wilkinson. "I'm just surprised, because for a little bit more effort they could actually get a lot more out of their video. Instead of just streaming it in Flash, they could actually stream it in HTML5, as well, and get it to work on the iPads and the iPhones."

Streaming Tank's position, then is to create an HTML5 sniffer to detect whether or not a browser supports HTML5 video. If it doesn't, the viewer gets a Flash video stream, instead.

"Go with the sniffer on Android, as well. It works on all the mobile devices, because I think a lot of people are actually browsing the Web a lot more on their phones than they were a year or two ago. So, people have got to keep up to date," said Wilkinson.

He added that he's still waiting for widespread 4G cellular service, which will improve video streaming to mobile devices.

For more on delivering video to mobile devices, watch the full video below.

Delivering Your Video Where Your Audience Wants It
Jan Ozer, Principal, Doceo Publishing
Steve Plunkett, Director, Technology and Innovation, Red Bee Media
Eddie Robins, Technical Director, Groovy Gecko
James Wilkinson, Director and co-founder, Streaming Tank

With the phenomenal success of Apple's iPad and iPhone, and the increased adoption of Google Android-based phones, it's never been more important to get your content on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This session helps you understand why you need to care about things like HTML5, Adobe Flash Mobile, and other video format and standards-related topics, and provides an overview of how online video platforms can help you publish once and deliver everywhere.

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