Streaming Forum Preview: Encoding for Multiple Devices

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As more and more video-viewing devices flood the market—iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more—the challenge of encoding content so that it's viewable everywhere has only become more daunting. Streaming Media contributing editor Jan Ozer, who runs the indispensable Streaming Learning Center website, will be sharing some of his expertise with Streaming Forum attendees in four sessions, including "How to Encode for Multiple Screens" on Tuesday 18 June at 10:30 a.m.

Clearly, it's a topic that would take days to cover in depth (in fact, Ozer wrote a whole book about it), but Ozer will draw from his extensive research and testing to provide a primer on making sure that your content "just works" on three types of screens: PC, mobile, and OTT. He'll begin by addressing the playback capabilities and technological compatibilities of the three types of devices, then he'll share his insights into technical concerns, with a discussion of the feasibility of producing one set of files that can then be delivered to all platforms, with an emphasis on how transmuxing can be applied to streamline the overall workflow.

Ozer, who recently spoke at NAB in Las Vegas and the recent Connected TV & Video event in Moscow, covered this approach in detail in his "Encoding for Multiple Devices" article in the 2013 Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, concluding that since encoding for mobile devices is the most complicated task, mobile is the first platform you should consider when establishing your overall workflow. The end result? "The ideal scenario is when the viewer quickly identifies the optimal stream and continues to watch that through the end of the video."

So bring your questions and get ready to learn from one of the world's leading encoding experts. Ozer will present three other sessions: "How to Choose an Enterprise-Class Encoder," "How to Choose a Cloud Encoder," and "How (and When) to Incorporate H.265 Into Your Publishing Workflows." There's still plenty of time to register for the Streaming Forum, which will be held in London at the Park Plaza Victoria on 18-19 June.

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