Implementing Streaming Video within an Organization: the Basics

Start with the basics. An early first day session at the recent Streaming Media Europe conference in London taught attendees the essentials that they needed to know to implement streaming media at their companies.

The session was led by Stephen Villoria, president and CEO of MediaPointe, who covered delivery systems, distribution, formats, types of technology, implementing technology, and workflow and content management. He also offered a look ahead to the future of enterprise streaming.

"Why did we begin converting analog media to data originally?" Villoria asked.

"The reason that we started doing it was to compensate for losses in analog media, and also for the dynamic limitations of recording media. You remember when the CD first came out, digital audio, and it was considered that digital's better than analog. But, if you think about it, really everything that you see and hear is analog, so even when you're looking at this screen, you're receiving it in your eyes as analog, you're hearing analog, we produce analog, so basically it really can't get any better than that. But because of the limitations of the technology, people started to think, when digital media first arrived, that this was better."

While digital technology is easier to work with, it also has limitations.

"Today, we convert analog media primarily for the portability of the content: the ability to move media anywhere, anytime, to be able to have it accessible anywhere in the world. And the irony here is that we've almost flipped it on its head, because now we sacrifice quality for portability. More often than not we'll accept artifacts in recordings, low-bit rate, so that we have something that streams very efficiently on a web page," said Villoria.

With the basics or digital recording explained, Villoria then jumped into the basics of streaming technology.

To see the entire presentation, watch the video below:

Enterprise Streaming Fundamentals, Applications, and Workflow Management

Stephen Villoria, President & CEO, MediaPointe

Both resellers and end users alike are struggling to keep up with the ever-expanding field of video streaming technology. This session will provide the fundamentals of today's streaming technology, from planning to specification and implementation of appropriate streaming solutions for virtually any application. Particular focus will be paid to the growing challenge of managing workflow and key barriers to adoption including training, security, and content management. Attendees will leave armed with the knowledge and tools to overcome these barriers and automate workflow within your organisation.

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