How Do Online Video Professionals Watch Online Video?

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Do the people who create online video and second-screen apps use their own products? At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, contributor Tim Siglin delivered the results from "State of the Second Screen," a survey sponsored by Piksel and created by Streaming Media and Unisphere Research.

The survey asked a variety of Streaming Media and Streaming Media Europe readers about their viewing habits. It began with a look at second screen use.

"We asked a question, which of the following do you consider your second screen when viewing content, and of course people were allowed to choose one," Siglin began. "You'll notice tablets, smartphones far and away dominate, but what's interesting is desktops and laptops are actually still fairly strong, about 26 percent. And then interestingly -- and I don't make a whole lot out of this -- television being considered the second screen. This would be people who tend to consume on a tablet as their primary or their smartphone as their primary."

In one section, the survey asked people what types of content they preferred to view live. Siglin was surprised by the answers.

"The dominant live viewing habits for our industry are people will watch news and they will watch drama and sports sort of equally on live," Siglin said. "We can't really figure out why comedy ranked so high, but maybe you figure that you want to be in on all the jokes at the same time that everybody else is. But news far and away, and that does track fairly consistently to the industry that we heard from a viewing habit standpoint is breaking news is something that people will switch to live because obviously you want to hear that in the moment."

For the full results, watch the video below and download "State of the Second Screen."

The Second Screen: More Important than the First?

This session offers insights into second screen behaviours and trends, as well as content and technologies, based on primary research by Tim Siglin and Streaming Media.

Presenter Tim Siglin, Co-Founder, Braintrust Digital

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