For Education and Training Videos, an iPad Can Be an Essential

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At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Mike Saville Howarth, an e-learning consultant, taught attendees how to create better webinars and webcasts for colleges and business training. Along with his many tips, he shared a favorite money-saving app: Teleprompt+ for iPad, a bargain-priced teleprompter used throughout the industry. Getting lecturers to write out their scripts in the app beforehand helps create shorter and more effective videos.

"If we could get some of the writing done on this and have that popped up under the screen like that with the camera above it, this would do two things," said Howarth. "One, it would force us, the people taking part, to think in short sentences and to think about what they were going to say, certainly, before they did it. There could be a lot more flow and better general delivery having used it."

Using the teleprompter app, videos are more concise, since speakers write out all their words ahead of time.

"It's got two functions in an academic context," Howarth continued. "It gets people to think -- it gets people to plan and organize themselves -- and it means that actually all of these videos could be a lot shorter, because the one thing that academics can do, and I'm doing more or less ably like this, is keep on talking for hours and hours when I could have actually said everything in two or three minutes. So that's a very useful sort of thing."

Tired of having on-screen presenters rattle on and on in front of the camera? Download Teleprompt+ and see if video quality improves.

Watch the full presentation in the video below.

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Mike Saville Howarth, eLearning Consultant, Director Mike Howarth Associates — UK

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