Droplet and AGCO: Case Studies in Online Video Distribution

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At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, one panel brought together two companies -- Droplet and AGCO -- that have used online video to further their goals. Droplet is a mobile payment startup and AGCO a global agricultural giant. Before the case studies began, Steffan Aquarone, founder of Droplet, gave an excellent summary of what online video marketers need to focus on now.

"I wanted to tell you about two or three thoughts I have about the context in which these two case studies have come to life, because it's all very well talking about the technology of online video but that's necessary if not sufficient nowadays for success," Aquarone began. "There are some big overarching themes that I've seen emerge in general online marketing that are hugely relevant to video in a way they haven't been before at all. So there are some things we have to bear in mind now that we didn't to think about at all ten or even five years ago.

"Ten or even five years ago producing something that was vaguely non-soporific was sufficient to reach an audience, because you were essentially paying to reach them and you had their almost undivided attention, particularly for corporate communications. Nowadays, everything is up against everything else on the web."

Aquarone then offered three points that digital marketers need to think about when working with online video:

1. Who is the audience and what are you trying to achieve?

Even with online video corporate communications, the audience is in control. You've got to make them want to watch your content. Make sure it's useful, interesting, and entertaining to your audience. This is something that it's difficult for brands to get their head around, Aquarone said.

2. Distribution is just as important as production.

Your work doesn't end when you create a video. Today, you also have to think strategically about how you're going to get that content in front of your audience and how you can differentiate if from all the other content your viewers see. Paying to get noticed on key sites -- video seeding -- is something corporate video creators haven't had to think about, but now they need to think like broadcasters do, Aquarone said.

3. Data: there's a lot of it, use it wisely.

When corporate video teams distributed videos on DVD, there wasn't any viewer data to process. Now, there's almost too much. Marketers can do A/B testing in the middle of a project, for example, to see what gets the best results. All this data is a mixed blessing, Aquarone said. Marketers can get real-time answers to content questions, but there's so much data available that most teams don't know what to do with it. Mine that data for useful info and don't let it go to waste.

It's an exciting time to be in corporate video, Aquarone said, with the ability to tap into new talent and strategies.

Watch the video below for more from Droplet and AGCO.

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Case Studies: Droplet and AGCO–Successful Video Distribution and ROI

Steffan Aquarone, Founder, Droplet — UK
Lee Kemp, MD, Vermillion Films — UK

Discover from these two case studies how a startup and an established global brand used online video to achieve measurable objectives by joining up their strategy across the creative production, seeding and measurement.

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