COVID-19 and the Democratisation of Streaming

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Ian Nock: I can't stress enough how much I think I refer to the democratisation of streaming, but in my locality, we've had people Facebook Live'ing piano recitals from small local halls. You've got churches doing their Sunday celebrations, funerals, weddings, having conversations with people about how, how we can get Wi-Fi through a six-foot stone wall from a 900-year-old church. And it's happened so rapidly. It's almost become a mandatory thing to have these things enabled, so those people who are not able to be physically present for whatever reason--whether it's COVID now or any other reason--they can be. Just turn it on. We have actually built infrastructure into all of our towns, cities, public buildings now where people can do this. And in fact, the last frontier--to excuse the Star Trek pun--is actually audio. Audio production is the area which is the weakest we have right now, because with video production, we can give HD video or 4K video from almost pretty much anywhere, but good sound reproduction--that's a much harder deal.

Larry Gale: A hundred percent right. That's something I deal with a weekly or daily basis. One thing I've enjoyed is where clients have brought their creativity and they've started to think about like what we would have done in the in-person event or if this was what they bring, and then they kind of push you to achieve that. As we've been saying, pushing technology forward has all been really enjoyable because when you're selling to someone and you're like, 'Look, I want to sell you this technology. It's really great. You're going to love it.' And they go, 'Yeah, I don't really need it.' Now they need it. And now they're actually coming to you and saying, 'Wait, I want your tech, and I also want like all these other things that I thought of that I now need.' So it's an exciting time from the perspective of being able to finally engage with clients who really want to get technical--albeit maybe they don't want to get into the weeds on exactly how SRT works, but they're still way more willing to to listen in from a technical perspective because they have to. They've had no other choice to engage the last year.

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