Analyzing the State of the European CDN Market

Giving a 45-minute, whirlwind overview of the European CDN market, consultant (and Streaming Media Global contributor) Dom Robinson took the stage at the recent Steaming Media Europe conference in London.

"The fastest growing space is connected TV. It's still microscopic, in terms of volume, but it's growing really fast and I'm a real believer in that," Robinson offered, looking at one key growth area.

Besides looking at opportunities, Robinson also spotlighted current challenges.

"Managing storage is becoming a larger part of the problem again, because there's so much more content and it's available in so many more formats," Robinson said. "I think there's 60 or 70 different formats you need to host to get to most Android devices. That's divergent. That's a problem people are facing."

The growing number of streaming formats has led to a massive increase in content needing storage. Curation is one possible solution, Robinson suggested.

"Archiving is becoming a storage trap: 25 percent of the Prosieben budget on streaming is going to archiving and archive management at the moment. My own personal hunch this year...I think that post the OVP world, we're going to start seeing curation filtering out the crap, giving you good quality editorial. When you hit a website, you don't want to be able to just get any video, you want to able to get the good stuff selected for you by someone doing editorial. So, I think curation is going to be an increasingly important part of the whole streaming ecosystem. But with that, you still need to get your storage strategy right, and certainly until that filtration comes in you're storing a lot of video content," said Robinson.

For the full presentation, watch the video below:

The State of the European CDN Market

Dom Robinson, Principal, D2Consulting

Dom Robinson, Chair of the Content Delivery Summit, will present an overview of the discussions there and shed light on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the European content delivery market. Topics will include next-generation services, infrastructure trends and the push for CDN federation.

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