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Profile is a global infrastructure-as-a-service hosting platform with a simple mission: to make customers happy and keep them happy.

Proud to specialize in bare metal servers with cloud scalability, knows that not every streaming platform is built the same; meaning that the infrastructure used to support content delivery platforms can’t be one-size-fits-all.   

With data centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, its customers benefit from dedicated infrastructure that delivers low latency, flexibility, network reliability and predictable billing – all underpinned by world-class support delivered by real humans. To learn more, visit


Product Description

The infrastructure-as-a-service platform bridges the gap between hyperscale cloud providers that offer large amounts of scalability and flexibility at a high price, and the more traditional bare metal hosting companies that offer competitive pricing in exchange for long term contracts and slow spin up times. represents the best of both worlds; delivering high performance dedicated bare metal but with cloud scalability. With pre-racked, pre-stacked server configurations and customizable RAM, disk and networking elements, works closely with customers throughout the streaming and content delivery ecosystem to deliver a bare metal product that suits their specific needs. can provision and deploy a dedicated bare metal server in any of its data centers around the world in sub-one hour. Customers can choose between the human touch of an assigned account team, or the speed and flexibility of doing everything themselves via our Customer Portal or API.

Automating low level tasks like reboots and OS reloads, allows our support team to focus on the real issues, meaning our customers enjoy a response time of less than 15 minutes to their support requests.

Customers also get access to the global private network for free, forever.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • dedicated servers
    We offer reliable, high-performance, latest-generation Dell PowerEdge rack servers from eighteen data centers around the world. You choose the model and configuration of server and we can provision and deploy it in 40-minutes or less. A dedicated server from us gives you strict performance control and the ability to handle processor-demanding and disk I/O-intensive workloads. Because you don’t share a dedicated server with anyone else, you won’t suffer from ‘noisy neighbours’ and will benefit from more predictable CPU performance, with the full capability of the machine devoted entirely to you.
  • Dedicated servers for streaming
    Audiences expect instant, uninterrupted streaming services. Content producers need seamless reliability and scale. We’ve built our solutions around what your audience expects, and you need. Our dedicated streaming servers, delivered quickly and cost-effectively, support you in reacting faster to your audience and ensuring against buffering, packet loss and latency issues.
  • The ultimate guide to dedicated servers
    In this ultimate guide, we look at everything you need to know about dedicated servers, to help you make a decision when considering them as a new or replacement hosting solution. This includes: what dedicated servers offer and why they might be a good choice as your business scales; how they compare to other hosting solutions; and what options lie ahead for you and your business when reviewing what’s on offer with dedicated server companies.
  • 4 predictions for how cloud communications will mature in 2023
    We put forward our predictions for how cloud communications platforms will start to mature more significantly and transform the way that brands interact internally, with consumers and vice versa. Including: CPaaS moving beyond API to focus on 360-degree customer retention and engagement; more CPaaS providers actively seeking to implement artificial intelligence and partner with AI providers; a rise in online classrooms, with UCaaS a key part of their delivery; more meetings taking place in virtual reality.
  • Hosting one of today’s biggest infrastructure consumers – streaming
    Streaming demand is exploding. In order to deliver against demand, streaming platforms require significant infrastructure. We look at what infrastructure is needed to deliver increasing demands for streaming now and in the future, including the impact of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis on the streaming market and how changing priorities are impacting investment in live streaming infrastructure.

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