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Jet-Stream invented streaming in 1994, and today offers Jet-Stream Cloud, an advanced purpose-built streaming cloud.

“The premise of Jet-Stream is simple: Other providers may force you into a particular workflow, but with Jet-Stream, you’re able to mix and match workflow components.”

With the award-winning "Mix" open workflow orchestration tools, you can build advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months, saving external and internal costs.

Jet-Stream Cloud includes a VMS, HTML5 video player, 4K transcoding, analytics, security, live encoding, and adaptive streaming via 9 integrated global CDNs.

28 years experience
GDPR compliant
100% uptime
40% cost reduction
8K streaming
Profitable, selfowned

Product Description

Jet-Stream Cloud is built by the inventors of streaming. Rely on our exceptional expertise to build next generation streaming services for OTT, SVOD, AVOD, FAST and PVOD. 

Jet-Stream Cloud is Europe's streaming cloud, with global delivery capacity through 9 integrated CDNs. Jet-Stream Cloud goes beyond online video platforms, giving you full control over encoding, transcoding, origin hosting, Multi CDN distribution, security, playback and analytics.

Video platforms offer a blackbox, you will hit the wall with limitations in quality, performance and customizability. You could build your own streaming stack on a generic cloud, but this requires deep pockets, expertise and patience. Jet-Stream Mix is easier than video platforms, yet gives you all the flexibility and control of custom cloud stacks. 

Control your streams, quality, and costs. Stream up to 8K, HDR, 360° VR, Dolby Atmos to millions in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle-East, China and Asia. 

Use the built-in VMS, CMS, encoders, transcoders, origins, CDNs, video players, analytics engines and security applications, tune them to your needs and integrate your own services too, to build advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months. 

Jet-Stream brings you better global performance and uptime, higher quality streams, at lower external and internal operational costs.