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You stream it — we measure it

At AVEQ, we provide 24/7 QoS and QoE monitoring solutions for ISPs, OTTs, and system integrators. Measure video streaming quality, web page performance, or network speeds — all using our Surfmeter measurement framework. Get real customer experience data and ?see the results immediately in a fully customizable dashboard. We use state-of-the-art standardized algorithms to model video QoE, on top of industry-proven tools to quantify network performance. Our solutions are used by major Internet service providers to ensure customers get what they pay for.

Product Description

AVEQ helps you measure video streaming performance. For OTTs, MNOs and ISPs we:

  • automate E2E measurements of video streaming services, web and network performance
  • provide user-centric quality diagnosis from the real end devices
  • calculate end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) based on the latest standards and research
  • optimize your services and identify QoE and QoS network bottlenecks

Our Surfmeter software calculates Quality of Experience with data from the device on which you stream videos, browse websites, or perform speed tests.

Our app uses advanced algorithms to determine the customer experience of video streaming – without needing to ask users for their opinion. Our video QoE model has been validated with real customer surveys, and has been used at a world-leading telco. We also provide standardized web performance metrics and can determine the available network bandwidth through speed tests.

On top of the QoE results, we provide all the technical measurement data as well, in an easy to access analytics dashboard or via an API feeding directly into your systems.

Set up your Surfmeter client application and start monitoring video streaming QoE & QoS, web browsing speed and network performance metrics.

See a composite MOS for video. The MOS is calculated and based on advanced QoE models, to understand the overall service quality at a single glance. Run web and network tests. Get an understanding of underlying network performance. Access to all important KPIs. This way you can drill down to pinpoint issues. From stalling to video resolution and bitrate, web page load times, throughput and latency — everything you need to know.
See the results live in an easy-to-use and fully customizable web interface.