Ad Insertion Platform

Ad Insertion Platform
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Ad Insertion Platform Sàrl helps advertisers, broadcasters and content owners approach the new world of addressable and connected TV. We have specialized in dynamic ad insertion services for the broadcast and streaming industry since 2007. Boost your content and advertising ROI with our SSAI technology and monetization services, gain better user experience, improve visibility on metrics and keep full control of the ad experience.

Our flexible, agnostic SSAI solution enables live or Video-On-Demand (VOD) ad insertion on Connected TV (CTV) and OTT platforms, including Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST). Our Ad Break Composer allows you to create, edit and optimize ad pods with easy drag-and-drop to deliver a targeted user experience. When using the full DAIConnect Suite® including our monetization services, we can sell your inventory, your unsold inventory or manage the complete ad sales to increase your fill rate and ad revenue.

Product Description

Server-Side Ad Insertion with DAIConnect® 
Agnostic, independent and scalable

Our US-patented DAIConnect Suite is composed of 3 independent products working together to fulfil exact customer needs. DAIConnect allows one-to-one replacements of ad breaks for live streams as well as one-to-one insertions of ad breaks for on-demand content (VOD), Connected TV (CTV) and Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST). Our intuitive user interface with drag and drop functionalities makes ad insertion simple. The modules are designed for Streaming protocols (HLS and MPEG-DASH) for live and on-demand content.

  • DAIConnect's Manifest Manipulator
  • Ad Break Composer
  • DAI Insight

Monetization Services
Sell more inventory. Faster.

Ad Insertion Platform connects major SSPs to premium CTV and OTT inventory. Access our premium video ad inventory and optimize your CTV advertising value. We can sell inventory with our Monetiz Services, sell unsold inventory with our Backup SSP Service or manage the entire ad sales process to increase fill rate and ad revenue. Focus on your core publishing activities and outsource the monetization of your video inventory to us. Keep full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels, including optimization of ad spaces, monetization of unsold inventory via RTB auctions, and competitive pricing with premium buyers. We offer more than just ad monetization; we offer you comprehensive revenue management from A to Z with top-notch solutions and a solid demand network.

Streaming Radio Services
Maximize listening time. Scale quickly.

Ad Insertion Platform’s audio ad insertion and ad-serving suite of solutions delivers a tailored advertising experience based on individual listeners’ specific characteristics including user profiles and preferences, location and devices, whether by over-the-air radio, or by connections made over the internet.

CDN Services
Enhanced Performance. Cost Reduction. Scalibility.

Our Content Delivery Network is designed to improve user viewing and loading experience and ensures viewer connectivity to nearest PoP’s (Points of Presence) for buffer free viewing experience. Our CDN is specially designed for video publishers and video content owners to deliver an amazing viewing experience, without huge cost. With our scalable and reliable HLS and MPEG-Dash VOD and Live media delivery services allow you to ingest and deliver content with ease.