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Matrox® Video is a global leader in video technology. Featuring a complete portfolio of best-in-class hardware, software, APIs, and SDKs, Matrox Video enables OEMs, system integrators, value-added channel partners, and end users to push the boundaries of video innovation. Serving the AV/IT, broadcast, and emerging markets for 45 years, Matrox Video is synonymous with quality, performance, interoperability, and support. Matrox Video’s legal entity is Matrox Graphics Inc., part of the Matrox Group.

Product Description

The Matrox Video portfolio includes encoders & decoders, IP KVM extenders, video wall & multiviewer cards, infrastructure products, and broadcast developer products.


Matrox ConvertIP Series

The Matrox ConvertIP standards-based transmitters and receivers offer the broadcast and Pro AV/IT markets maximum flexibility and interoperability by allowing them to seamlessly add new and emerging devices to ST 2110 or IPMX-ready networks, all while leveraging existing AV infrastructures.


Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K Encoder

The Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K encoder is a video encoder that delivers 4K60 input capture and encode and supports at least four 4K streams and recordings simultaneously. The encoder features six streaming protocols, multiple chroma sub-sampling, zero-latency pass-through all in one convenient appliance.


Matrox Maevex 6122 Dual 4K Encoder

The Matrox Maevex 6122 Dual 4K encoder is a video encoder that delivers dual 4K capture, encode, stream, and record—with zero latency pass-through. The encoder supports multiple streaming protocols, including SRT and on-device HLS, for easy and secure streaming locally or across the world.


Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K Decoder

The Matrox Maevex 6152 quad 4K decoder appliance decodes and displays up to four 4K streams—or many lower resolution streams—of high-compression, flawless-quality, and exceptional-low-latency video over internet.


Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder

The Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder is fully integrated with Panopto’s industry-leading video management system providing dual Full HD live streaming and up to five recordings of different qualities per channel on-device.


Matrox Monarch EDGE 4K/Multi-HD Remote Production Encoder & Decoder

The Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder pair delivers up to four synchronized HD-/3G-SDI camera feeds or a single 12G-SDI signal—in both native progressive and interlaced video formats—with glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms.


Matrox Monarch EDGE S1 Simultaneous Encode/Decode Appliance for Remote Production

The Matrox Monarch EDGE S1 is a simultaneous encode/decode appliance that allows users to provide return feeds to multi-camera production crews in the field. Program feeds coming from the studio are encoded for secure transport over private or public internet connections.


Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM Extenders

Matrox Extio™ 3 IP KVM extenders provide 4Kp60 4:4:4, dual 4Kp30 4:4:4, or quad 1080p60 4:4:4 performance at exceptionally low bitrates over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network.


Matrox Mura IPX Series Capture and IP Encode/Decode Cards

Matrox Mura IPX Series capture, encode, decode, and multiviewer cards provide OEMs and system builders with best-of-breed hardware and software to enhance their video wall controllers, multiviewers, operator workstations, and personal video walls with advanced video processing and networking capabilities.


Matrox VERO Signal Generator and Diagnostic Tool

Matrox VERO combines an adjustable signal generator, a PCAP recorder, and signal diagnostics integrating EBU LIST® into a single tool allowing broadcasters, system integrators, and manufacturers of ST 2110 devices and environments to validate ST 2110 equipment for compliance before deployment.


Matrox Monarch LCS Lecture Capture Appliance

Matrox Monarch LCS is a dual-channel, dual-input H.264 lecture capture appliance that allows users to easily define profiles for live streamed and recorded lectures by mixing camera and presentation material from SDI and HDMI sources.


Matrox Monarch Series Streaming and Recording Encoders

Matrox Monarch H.264 encoder appliances are portable, easy-to-use live-streaming appliances designed for webcasters and broadcasters to stream content via a web server or media delivery platform, using RTSP and RTMP protocols.


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