Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc.
  • 1465 N Scottsdale Rd
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Limelight Networks is a global leader in delivering the highest quality online video experiences and edge-enabled workflows. Our edge services platform makes knowledge, information, and entertainment instantly accessible anywhere in the world and accelerates the next generation of real-time, interactive and immersive content. We position your content and applications right next to your customers at the network edge for the most dynamic, real-time interactions no matter where your customers live, work or play.

Product Description

Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters utilizes a variety of workflow capabilities to help you stay competitive. Limelight provides the tools and flexibility you need to manage and deliver live and on-demand video to a global audience.

Limelight Content Delivery enables the fast, available and secure delivery of your digital content anywhere, any time. Limelight provides the capacity, coverage, and performance to cost-effectively deliver a better experience for you and your customers.

Limelight Realtime, Live and On-demand Video Delivery services and online video platform integrate Limelight’s massive global private network with advanced video delivery and management capabilities, helping you get your OTT video to virtually any device, anywhere at high quality and the lowest rebuffer rates in the industry.

Limelight Edge Cloud brings the power of the cloud to the edge while eliminating the cost and complexity of using traditional cloud computing environments for low-latency IoT and edge compute applications. Limelight’s QoS-enabled high-speed private network provides the global scale and performance needed for the most demanding workflows.

Limelight Cloud Security provides a comprehensive suite of services to secure your digital assets and protect your infrastructure. They include DDoS and web application attack detection and mitigation, application security, and a range of features that enable you to control and protect your digital assets, without impacting performance.

Limelight Origin Storage offers automated regional replication that places content close to your audience and retrieves it from the fastest location, which improves user experience and reduces abandon rates.

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