• B1 Group OÜ, Harju maakond
  • Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5,
  • 10117 Tallinn
  • Estonia
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AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of advanced outstream SaaS solutions, which enable digital businesses to streamline the configuration and optimization of online video advertising campaigns, hence maximizing their revenue results.


Product Description

The flagship AdPlayer.Pro video ad tech solutions primarily include a feature-rich ad-enabled video player (outstream & instream), specifically designed to easily integrate into publishers’ digital properties. The lightweight, responsive HTML5 player solution by AdPlayer.Pro:

  • is compliant with all major video ad standards, including IAB’s VAST/SIMID/OMID, Google IMA, and more;
  • is easily-integratable with third-party ad serving platforms;
  • enables UX/UI and performance setup via API;
  • includes robust live-streaming features, and much more. 

Another core technology by AdPlayer.Pro is the robust video ad server and video ad management platform, compliant with all types of advertising Demand, including VAST, Google IMA, Header bidding (prebid.js), oRTB, XML, local file; including the CTV and MRAID support, and packed with a variety of beneficial features, including:

  • advanced video ad unit setup capabilities;
  • granular permissions management;
  • real-time reporting and analytics, and more.

AdPlayer.Pro also offers a fully-customizable white label solution, which enables businesses to spare their operational resources on the development of their in-house video ad tech, while achieving their maximum revenue results.