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vzaar Rolls Out Free Web Tools to Help Improve the Internet Video Viewing Experience

Good quality online video is as essential as the air we breathe. The new vzaar tools hub section enables web video viewers to use the Online Video Speed Test to figure out how high of quality of videos they will be able to watch on their office or home c

London, UK(29 Mar 2011)

"How do online videos look when you watch them online?" asks top online video marketing strategist, Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar. "Why do some web videos break up and sputter?"

Online video is becoming ubiquitous on the web. Used for entertainment, marketing, business and personal communications, good quality online video is as essential as the air we breathe.  The new vzaar tools hub section enables web video viewers to use the Online Video Speed Test to figure out how high of quality of videos they will be able to watch on their office or home computer.   Viewers that have been having problems watching online videos can now find out what their Internet download speed is.

There are many factors that can impact the quality of the video that a viewer sees on their computer screen. In addition to internet download speed, these can also include what type of video card they have, how much RAM is on it, what kind of computer processor they are using, etc.  However, the usual culprit for online video breaking up and sputtering is the fact that the video file is too big to stream easily to their computer over the web connection.

To make it even easier to understand, vzaar has created a special bit rate tool to test playback performance based on the bit rate of the video. The tool displays several videos with varying bit rates so that viewers can see at what bit rate their video experience starts to degrade.

These tools are also important for video producers. When uploading video to a hosting site, video content producers need to balance the quality of the video against the file size. The bit rate of video indicates the quality of the video by measuring the amount of data transmitted per unit of time.   The higher the bit rate, the greater the quality of the video.

The higher the quality, the larger the file. This means that more data will need to be downloaded in a period of time. The additional data not only increases the bandwidth requirement but also has the potential to impact the viewing experience for users on slow internet connections.

To ensure optimal quality, the vzaar online video hosting platform is set to encode their customer's videos based on the dimensions of the video.

"We encode our users videos based on their dimension to ensure the highest quality. In addition to that we offer custom encoding controls so users can be specific about the encoding parameters they set." explains Stephen.

About vzaar

vzaar is an online video hosting service for businesses with video content they need published online. Unlike other free services, this premium service offers its customers complete control and ownership of their content. The company has positioned itself as a professional video hosting service providing a low cost service with an easy to use interface and serves about over 1,500 companies worldwide.

Founded in 2007, vzaar has its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. For more information visit