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Why we setup a webcasting business?

EventStreaming.TV was hatched in 200 in response to crazy quotes received from other webcasting companies. WaveFX the parent video production company spent nearly 2 years refining EventStreaming.TV to be a different kind of streaming company offering the

Cambridge, UK(09 Dec 2016)

The company philosophy is simple, we stream with the viewer 100% in mind, if the viewer is not engaged your key messages are lost, we work hard to deliver concise, creative, watchable webcasts.

Streaming over 100 events a year - we’ve streamed from the top of Ben Nevis, the outback of Australia and even a cow shed in Wales.

We couldn’t find a platform to stream too so we built our own

Our streaming website has been 100% designed and created in house and we’re very proud of its success, taking nearly a year to complete it has been built purely on our clients’ needs and feedback.

The website is secure and fully customisable to match a client’s corporate branding, offering many interactive features we’ve included free for example; ask a question, voting and video on demand.

• Fully customisable to match clients needs and branding

• Secure login, from a single generic password to full individual authentication

• Fully interactive including real-time voting and polling

View an example of our streaming website


We knew we had to build something different and that was as interactive as possible, our ethos is to always see a webcast from the remote viewer’s perspective – if they’re not engaged they’ll simply stop watching.

We added many interactive features so viewers can really engage and participate such as chat rooms, polling, ask a question, voting and social media.

From our experience this level of interactivity is what clients are demanding, and our ability to offer this plus more has undoubtedly fuelled our company’s growth.

Client Example

A client that has really embraced live streaming is the Motor Neurone Diseases Association (MNDA) and we are very proud to be associated with the work they do in both research and care.

The MNDA were early adopters of our new webcasting technology back in 2000 they saw the benefit in streaming regional, national and global meetings around the world to our interactive website.

We now stream over 10 events a year for the organisation allowing those that can’t attend, through time, cost or situation the ability to watch and contribute.

How we do it

The EventStreaming.TV webcasting team used two HD cameras and mixed the whole day live via Tricaster encoder which also records the event and made a web version instantly available to watch again at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was streamed to a branded site created for the MNDA by EventStreaming.TV which allows the viewer to ask questions, comment on videos and share links

Comments from the website

Debbie: “ I live in South Africa and being able to watch this conference through livestream has been so amazing and so informative for me as my brother Mark had MND and lives in the UK”

Mandy Garnett: “Watching the recording, fantastic”

Ice Bucket Challenge

An example of how the MNDA has fully embraced webcasting and social media is the incredible success story of the Ice Bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral campaign where participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who must accept the challenge within 24 hours. You can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Or better yet, doing both.

The Motor Neurone Association in the UK has raised nearly £7 million and the American equivalent ASL a staggering $100 million.

Interactive website

We recently flew out to Orlando to the international congress and live streamed the popular “Ask the Expert” session which allows anyone around the world to connect with the leading lights in MND research.

Through our website over 150 questions were posted and over 600 people tuned in to watch live

Nicole Yarab, Senior Director Clinical Programs noted: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with EventStreaming.TV this week in Orlando. All the team are knowledgeable and attentive professionals who provided a seamless live streaming experience for our event.”

An example of the website in use is

Who to call

WaveFX was born to offer a realistic price for event webcasting whilst still insuring the highest possible service – all our costs are transparent, video crews professional and above all we’re flexible and proactive.

If you’d like any advice or to discuss your latest event please call WaveFX 01223 505600 or email