WebRTC.live - plugin-free live broadcasting

Berlin, Germany(07 Sep 2016)

nanocosmos, the Berlin based software company for live streaming business products, announces it’s new product WebRTC.live which enables plugin-free video broadcasting directly through the browser and is a great extension to the cross-platform nanoStream SDK product line. Based on a HTML/Javascript client, the technology runs on WebRTC-compatible browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and is planned for Microsoft Edge.

WebRTC.live will be presented at the IBC Show in Amsterdam at Booth 2.A10. 

Experience plugin-free live video technology with nanoStream!

  • No previous installation necessary:Webrtc.live is available without previous installation and supports VP9 and H.264 codec passthrough streaming.

  • Cloud-based or on-premise: The software guarantees secure streaming through the cloud-based webrtc.live server or your own server, as an on-premise enterprise installation.

  • Compatibility: Our WebRTC.live client software enables easy integration of the software into your webpage and is compatible with our existing nanoStream RTMP Software Development Kits. It is perfectly compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

  • Scalability:A scalable WebRTC.live server component guarantees stable streaming to small and large audiences. The software is ideal for browser-based use cases requiring low latency and offers support for HD broadcasts.

Broadcast Schema.jpg


nanoStream WebRTC broadcasting is the perfect addition to the nanoStream product line of plugins, SDKs and apps. It is an extremely easy way to enable instant live streaming for your business from anywhere, plugin-free, with no download required.

Check out the rest of nanoStream’s product line for complex broadcast environments, custom mobile and desktop applications, ensuring enhanced stability, complex workflows, metadata transmission and other features.