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Venera Technologies introduces CapMateTM, an Innovative Cloud-Based Closed Caption Verification & Correction Solution

CapMateTM supports machine learning techniques to detect and correct complex and time-consuming caption file issues

Burbank(23 Feb 2021)

Today Venera Technologies introduced its latest innovative solution in its suite of Quality Control software for digital Media. CapMate, is a native cloud SaaS caption ‘companion’ solution, intended to help significantly reduce the time and cost associated with QC and correction of caption and subtitle files.

The presence of closed caption files is becoming nearly universal for any content delivery. And as the volume of digital content grows exponentially, so does the volume of closed caption and subtitle files, and with it the need to verify for compliance with standards and adherence to strict quality. However, the amount of time and resources needed to ensure ‘quality’ caption files is surprisingly high.

As a result, Venera Technologies has built an intuitive, easy to use solution to address all the pain points and time-consuming issues related to captioning files, from complications of verifying compliance with various caption file format standards to detecting and fixing common issues such as Sync with audio, overlay on burnt in text, spell check and profanity, to wide range of editing/timing issues like CPS (Characters Per Second), CPL (Characters Per Line), WPM (Words Per minute), Caption gap, and many others.

And with the help and feedback of early adopters, CapMate is a compelling solution.  “After seeing a demo of CapMate for the first time, we immediately saw value in the platform. By integrating CapMate’s powerful features into our automated workflow, we’ve been enabled to process files at lightning speed, drastically reducing the manual effort needed to verify our partner’s caption files.”, said Jack Hurley, Director of Digital Production at Cinedigm, one of the early adopters of this solution.

“CapMate is not only technically feature-rich, but we also made using it quite affordable! With our various usage-based plans you can subscribe to one of our monthly plans to take care of all of your caption verification and correction needs. And, we also have the industry first ‘Ad-hoc plan’ for those who don’t have a steady volume of caption work, where you can simply use CapMate when you need it without making a monthly or annual commitment!”, said Vikas Singhal, CEO of Venera Technologies.

To arrange for a demonstration of CapMate and learn more about its capabilities, or sign up for a free trial, please contact Venera Technologies at or visit

About Venera Technologies

Venera Technologies provides cutting-edge file-based QC solutions to the digital media industry, tailored to the evolving requirements of its customer and the industry. Venera’s Quasar®, the first native cloud-based QC solution, was developed natively for the Cloud environment with features such as dynamic scalability and usage-based pricing model to meet today’s advanced cloud-based digital workflows, along with advanced QC functionalities. And Venera’s Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution for on-premise deployment, with the same QC functionalities as Quasar, is the world’s fastest File based Automated QC system that is used by some of the largest Media companies in the world, as well as a number of smaller boutique post houses and production companies.