Tvinci Powers Novebox Pay-Over-The-Top Service for MSN

Primetime content to be streamed online before TV broadcast

Tel Aviv(31 Aug 2010)

Tvinci, the Pay-OTT video platform provider, today announced that Novebox has selected the Tvinci video platform to create a subscription/pay-on-demand service for Spanish language MSN portals. The service, which will be rolled out progressively across Latin America and the Hispanic market in the U.S over the next 5 months, will feature rich content related to Latin series and films from across Latin America. For the first time, new primetime programs will be streamed online before they are broadcast on TV.

"The combination of the highly popular content we're gathering, MSN's infrastructure and traffic and Tvinci's technology will help us provide a tangible value proposition to viewers," said Ehud Levi, CEO, Novebox. "Tvinci offers Novebox and MSN a comprehensive solution that allows us to examine multiple creative business models and provide our viewers with personalized content offerings across multiple devices."

Tvinci's MediaHub and MediaStore have been deployed by Novebox to manage video assets, business rules for subscriptions and ads, user experience and video players. MediaStore is an environment in which the content, business model and payment method offered fit the interests and consumption habits of the viewer, thereby maximizing sales of content. It operates in full synchronization with the MediaHub, providing media companies, pay-TV and multi-play operators a complete solution for intelligently and efficiently serving users pay-content to internet devices.

"This deployment represents a major landmark, as we believe Novebox at MSN could become one of the leading online destinations for consumption of Latin TV content," said Ofer Shayo, CEO, Tvinci. "Tvinci and Novebox share a similar vision, in which delivery of premium content over-the-top offers true added value to viewers, and can therefore be profitable. Making programs available online before broadcast TV enables OTT to become an even more attractive proposition. We're pleased to work with Novebox to provide an exciting experience for viewers that makes online video consumption a more personalized, relevant and engaging service."

Tvinci's complete Pay-OTT video platform has been developed to meet the industry need for a new monetization layer to OTT video content through direct payments (Pay Per View, subscriptions, coupons etc). The platform enables content owners and network operators to offer a consistent content consumption experience across any internet enabled device: PC / Mac, Connected TV, STB, games console, smartphone and iPad.

About Novebox, a spin-off of Dori Media Group, was established in late 2008 as a first digital platform for video content in Spanish for users around the world. The company has established a streaming platform enabling a variety of viewing modalities including advertising and subscription. The Novebox platform empowers its partners to market and monetize its content on the web by aggregating audiences from around the world. The platform provides advanced tracking and reporting capabilities and has integrated marketing and billing systems that cater to partners and users from around the world. For more information visit:

About Tvinci
Tvinci is a Pay-OTT video platform provider that enables the management of content and the enhancement of the user experience. The company specializes in solutions for content owners, pay-TV & multi-play operators that aim to generate revenues online from premium content displayed on any internet connected device.
Tvinci has been operating since 2007 and has an established reputation among leaders in the field of providing technology for content distribution Over-the-Top. Brands across Europe, the US and Latin America, including MTV and Orange, provide Pay-OTT video services powered by Tvinci. For more information visit: