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StreamingVideoProvider Announces New Features and Capabilities for Video Monetization in September 2012 Update Release

StreamingVideoProvider video platform now includes Pay-Per-View & Password Protection for Single Videos & Video Playlists, advanced PPV options as well as Facebook / Twitter publishing.

London(18 Nov 2012)

StreamingVideoProvider announced officially today major new features to the world’s most complete and affordable video platform, trusted by thousands of video publishers around the globe to stream and monetize their live broadcasts and VoD content. With amazing new features, StreamingVideoProvider now includes Pay-Per-View & Password Protection for Single Videos & Video Playlists via the VideoApps Studio; The all new Facebook and Twitter direct publishing feature; Single url video sharing that allows users to simply send a standard direct link without the need to embed the videos on their sites; iPhone/iPad/ Android video delivery .

“More and more customers are coming to StreamingVideoProvider just because of the great pay-per-view video solution we have. With the unrestricted price tag and 0% commission, users are able to charge anything between a few bucks and a few hundred dollars, depending on their niche market. It all comes down to valuable content - If the content is valuable and the publisher has established online presence (website, blog, Facebook followers etc.), there is nothing easier to simply upload, set a price tag and publish the video player or playlist on your site and start making money.” said Deyan Shkodrov, CEO, StreamingVideoProvider “Some live seminars have generated over $35,000 (USD) over a single 1 day period using our Pay-Per-View system”.

With over 100 features and counting, StreamingVideoProvider video platform now includes:

  • Pay-Per-View / Password protection for Single Videos and Video Playlists

    The new feature enables users to set up Pay-Per-View tickets for single video players including Live Broadcasts, enabling users to monetize videos without player restrictions. Learn more

  • Facebook and Twitter Video Publishing.

    This handy feature allows users to publish video content (live broadcasts and video on demand) straight from the StreamingVideoProvider user panel onto their Facebook Wall and Twitter status page. Users can easily reach large audiences across multiple channels with just a few clicks. Learn more

  • VideoApp Direct Url Link Creation.

    Publishers are now able to generate a single url link that can be shared virtually anywhere. When a user clicks on the link it will open a new window containing the single video or video playlist. This is done without the need for the user to embed the video to their website. It gives publishers an unlimited way to distribute and monetize their content especially when combined with the Pay-Per-View feature. Learn more

  • Advanced Pay-Per-View/Password Protected Packages & Default PPV Playlist Options.

    Users can create custom Pay-Per-View tickets such as single pass, day pass, week pass, moth pass and annual pass. Users can also set up multiple pricing options for their customers giving users unrivalled control over their video monetization.

  • iPhone/iPad/ Android video delivery.

    Single Videos & Video Playlists can now be viewed using an iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This gives viewers a great media rich experience and allows publishers to create beautiful video playlists for their entire audience. Learn more


Tonny Gottlieb CIO from comments that, “It is of very high importance for us to work with a company which is 100% committed to our extremely high quality standards and SVP has proven to be able to do so.”

Pricing & Availability

StreamingVideoProvider video hosting and monetization service is available at starting from $14 (US) per month. A free 15 day trial account can be created and does not require credit card details. For video tutorials and FAQ’s please visit


StreamingVideoProvider is the most complete and affordable video platform enabling thousands of video content owners worldwide to upload or live stream their video content straight from their own websites without any restrictions or ads.

Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider currently hosts over 200,000 videos and streams over 40,000,000 minutes of live and VoD footage per year. It’s a privately held, profitable company with a head office located in London, United Kingdom.