Rovi Launches Advertising Trial Program for App Developers

Charter Participants Introduce Advanced Display and Video Campaigns Within Mobile Phone, Tablet and Connected TV Apps

BARCELONA, Spain(26 Feb 2013)

Mobile World Congress 2013 -- Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI), driving digital
entertainment innovation, today announced the expansion of its Rovi
Advertising Service to support the integration of advanced display and
video advertising in mobile phone, tablet and connected TV apps.
Program charter participants include popular solution providers
Boxfish, mPortal, and Muzu. The advertising trial program is designed
to allow participants to create new revenue streams and contribute to
the development of best practices for optimizing ad placements and
driving return on investment.

"As connected device adoption ascends and consumer affinity for apps
intensifies, new revenue opportunities are emerging such as those
provided by Rovi Advertising Network," said Heather Way, senior
research analyst, Parks Associates. "More than ever, app developers
with ad-supported business models must participate in multi-platform
networks that help brands effectively reach and engage consumers in an
increasingly complex and fragmented entertainment environment."

Rovi will be demonstrating the Rovi Advertising Service at Mobile World
Congress and showcasing in-app advertising within third-party and Rovi
applications running across a range of platforms including Smart TV,
iOS, Android, and Nexus. Rovi will also be opening the trial program to
additional participants. Rovi plans to make streamlined on-boarding
APIs and an SDK kit available to the broader developer community later
this year.

"The new trial program is designed to allow app developers to
efficiently and effectively monetize their platforms without losing
focus on their core business and participate in what Juniper Research
forecasts to become a more than a $7 billion industry by 2015 in the
mobile space alone*," said Jeff Siegel, senior vice president,
Worldwide Advertising, Rovi Corporation. "Importantly, we are creating
a network that will enable advertisers to make a single media buy and,
backed by detailed analytics to measure performance, execute unified
campaigns across multiple screens."

"As a provider of second screen and interactive television solutions,
mPortal understands that advertising is a key component for monetizing
television across connected devices," said DP Venkatesh, CEO, mPortal
Inc. "Rovi clearly recognizes the value of an end-to-end ad
monetization solution for connected and mobile devices so we are
pleased to be collaborating with them."

"Boxfish is a unique TV discovery application that uses a real-time
index of every word spoken on TV to connect consumers quickly to
content of interest," said Eoin Dowling, CEO, Boxfish. "We're excited
to be collaborating with Rovi to create a dynamic new opportunity for
advertisers and become part of a broader Ad Network that is delivering
a way for brands to stay in front of TV viewers across screens."

Developers that integrate Rovi Advertising Service also receive
campaigns from the Rovi Advertising Network, which can attract
marketers by delivering a unique inventory, receptive consumers, and
billions of impressions a month across the range of screens that now
comprise the digital media experience.

For more information about joining the Rovi in-App Advertising Program

About Rovi Advertising Service

Rovi Advertising Service is a cloud-based solution that enables app
developers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and service providers
to easily generate new and recurring revenue streams. The turnkey
solution enables advanced advertising to appear within applications and
User Interfaces on mobile devices, tablets, PCs, connected TVs, set-top
boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles and more. Advertising
capabilities include display and video units, as well as highly
immersive and interactive branded destinations.

About Rovi Advertising Network

Rovi Advertising Network provides expert representation and end-to-end
campaign management reaching millions of consumers using multiple
digital devices throughout their daily lives. Our signature 360 degrees
Service ensures creative continuity for a consistent advertiser message
in all viewing locations, while simplifying campaign execution with
unified design, campaign management and analytics for reporting

About Rovi Corporation

Rovi powers the discovery, delivery, display and monetization of
digital entertainment. With innovative technology solutions for
consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers, content
producers, advertisers, retailers and websites, Rovi connects people
and the entertainment they love. The company holds over 5,000 issued or
pending patents worldwide and is headquartered in Santa Clara,
California. More information about Rovi can be found at