Online Presentations and Seminars Made Simple for any Website

Podium3 puts presentations and seminars onto websites; fast, easy, affordable, and self-managed, with no technical knowledge required.

London, UK(17 Mar 2015)

London based web video provider Podium3 are looking to raise funding to make their unique platform available as a cloud based service, through a Kickstarter Crowd Funding application which is currently running. The platform allows users to create an enhanced viewing experience, where live or recorded video can be synchronized with PowerPoint style slides, audience interactivity and participation, and other resources to engage and inform viewers. It is a self-managed tool with two key markets:

  • Organisations to create and manage their own presentation based content.

  • It is ideally suited to video production agencies, freelance photographers and videographers as a tool to create finished, professional presentations and seminars for client websites on a managed service basis.

Whereas web video traditionally follows a broadcast model, Podium3 involves the audience through interactivity. This works better for organisations which need to communicate with, rather than to, their consumers. The benefits of offering presentations and seminars through their website are self-evident to any organisation, saving costs and time for all concerned. For organisations requiring a wide area, or even a global presence, it is a ready-made solution.

Podium3 has been used by some of the biggest names in business, government and education, providing solutions ranging from live global seminar classrooms, research presentations with Q and A, to straightforward company introducer presentations.

“The audience participation kept it fresh and lively and I certainly felt part of it on Podium3. Excellent.”

Ellen M, live seminar

“We're watching in Chile, but I really felt like I was in London with you - amazing. More like this please”

Augustus H, live workshop

The system offers several unique innovations:

  • Events are easily embedded in any website.

  • Entirely web based system meaning no downloads or plugins for viewers.

  • In recorded mode, users can create navigation, and sync video to slides, downloads and a Twitter feed. Viewers save time by navigating directly to points of interest.

  • In live mode, viewers can interact directly with presenters on multiple levels, and switching between live video streams means global presentations are easily created.

  • Presentations can be branded to comply with organisation branding.

  • A price suitable for any sized organisation.

As a solution for content creators – photographers, videographers, and communication agencies – it offers a new product: complete interactive presentations, seminars, and any type of one-to-many meeting, which clients can use on their website. Most digital stills cameras now shoot video; it is a simple hop for any photographer to shoot and create professional recorded presentations. Videographers are mostly familiar with the processes of live production, producing live interactive events is a better solution to offer than creating non-interactive live webcasts.

As a solution for organisations to use themselves, it can be a self-broadcast tool. Any viable video source can be used to broadcast video live - a webcam on a computer, a video conference unit in a boardroom or meeting room, or a professional multi-camera shoot at a huge venue.

Funding will be used to migrate the system to The Cloud, develop client management tools, upgrade licences and automate certain features. Funding is in return for account creation, with resources pre-applied to accounts commensurate with the funding pledged. Funding levels represent a significant discount on typical resource pricing.


Boilerplate: Podium3 is the brainchild of online video specialist Oliver Gaffikin, and was created as a platform to launch the Podium3 interactive webcasting platform.

Contact:           Oliver Gaffikin

                        Director, Podium3 Ltd

Phone:             +44 20 7101 9366 / (after hours) +44 7939 572072