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New knowledge-sharing website unleashes value of our ‘hidden talents’ is a new knowledge sharing website that enables anyone to freely and easily share the things they know and earn money in the process.

UK(18 Oct 2010) is a new knowledge sharing website that enables anyone to freely and easily share the things they know and earn money in the process.

Your 'hidden talents' could be worth thousands of pounds.

According to a recent study by a leading maths professor, we are all sitting on a mountain of ‘untapped knowledge' that could earn us piles of money. Professor Frank Smith of University College London (UCL) has found that in the UK alone there is a total of £86bn worth of knowledge being wasted each year.

Professor Smith explains, "Each of us gathers knowledge everyday of our lives that we don't use to earn an income from. This is our ‘untapped knowledge'. It's the hidden talents we acquire from our hobbies, interests and daily activities. What most of us don't realise is that this knowledge has real value to others, even if you think it doesn't. You may be great at growing runner-beans, or know how to give your car an oil change, but not everyone knows how to do these things and people are searching for that sort of information online every day."

Finding a buyer for your hidden talents

Identifying your hidden talents is one thing but how do you go about making money from them? 

One option would be to arrange a gardening class in your own garden or a set-up a stall in a nearby market to sell your delicious, handmade cakes.

A less daunting first step is to test out the value of your knowledge in a safe and friendly way online. The internet is a huge, global marketplace for information, connecting people with questions to those who have the answers. 

Sites like make it easy for you to publish pages of content about the things you know and love, to attract an audience to your pages and even establish a reputation for yourself. places adverts on your pages and then shares the money 50:50 with you, with the content creator.

"We have over 5,000 people publishing new pages about the things they know and love every day on", says Tom Laidlaw, CEO of Videojug Ltd. "Whether you're a budding writer with an interest in country and western music, or a professional dog breeder, on you can connect with people who share your interests and become an authority that people turn to for the answers to their questions, whilst earning some money too."

How much are your hidden talents worth?

You can now find out how much your untapped knowledge is worth using an online calculator.

Based upon the research formula devised by Professor Smith from UCL, the ‘Untapped Knowledge Calculator' puts a monetary figure on the value of your untapped knowledge. It's fast and free to use; go to to find out how much you are missing out on.