MiniCaster Releases the Beam for All Film and Television Live Production

As of today MiniCaster releases a brand new product: The MiniCaster Beam.

Unterfoehring, Germany(06 Nov 2013)

MiniCaster Beam is perfect for the film and television live production sector. The WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) technology makes it possible to transmit uncompressed HDTV and video data up to 1080p in the license free 5 GHz band and non line of sight and thus producing a high quality real-time video stream. With this technology MiniCaster offers a new freedom of range – distances up to 100 meters can be covered and the latency is less than 1ms.

The transmitter is connected to the camera, the RX-device is connected to an external monitor. More freedom of movement is provided by the extremely small and light design - with substantially lower weight than previous systems. The modules are quick and easy to mount on cameras and to the set using 3/8“ screws.

The MiniCaster Beam comes as uni- or multicast device - the unicast solution allows up to 4 different camera signals to be transmitted simultaneously,  the multicast device allows up to 4 viewers getting the camera signal called the “directors view” at the same time.
MiniCaster CEO, Michael Westphal: “With the MiniCaster Beam you are free in movement and the crew gets the possibility to get exactly the same view of the production - this saves time and money, plus it makes their lives so much easier”.

About MiniCaster:

The award-winning brand of MiniCaster was established by TV1.EU and offers a complete mobile livestreaming solution-package. From the pocket-sized H.264 HD camera top live encoder to decoders/receivers to complete satellite units MiniCaster covers the full range of hardware and includes also the complete spectrum of services in web- and broadcasting. The products developed by MiniCaster offer an optimated signal processing and reaches an amazingly low latency (only 1280 ms). With the Eutelsat KA Band satellite system MiniCaster guarantees the booked bandwiths – all the time. If you want to go live mobile, cost-effective and uncomplicated MiniCaster is your ideal partner.