MIDiA Index TV Audience Insight Platform by MIDiA Research Now Live

MIDiA Index Provides Audience Insights, TV Show Data and Trends, to Help Networks and Agencies Determine the Full Impact of TV shows

London(13 Aug 2019)

MIDiA Research, a leading source of insight and analysis in digital media, music, video and games, has launched its long-anticipated audience analytics and TV show intelligence tool, MIDiA Index.

A robust platform designed for the streaming era, Index aggregates data metrics and market indicators from multiple sources to uncover where audiences are really spending their time, who they are and what other digital activities occupy their limited available attention.

This provides the most accurate reading of TV show performance today, demonstrating their true value to TV networks. Users can understand not just the face value of a show’s relative success, but what the ongoing opportunities are. 

Index captures the footprint of each show from all angles, tracking by show and by country:

  • Audience demographics and behaviours
  • Brand awareness, fandom, viewership and streams
  • Social activity (followers, likes)
  • Interest and demand (searches)
  • Reception of shows (ratings, reviews)
  • Audience overlap (what other shows they like) 

These metrics, combined with MIDiA’s proprietary audience data, are channelled through the Index algorithm to determine a dynamic performance score: The MIDiA Index Score.

With more than 150 key TV shows across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Spain (with additional shows and markets to launch in the coming months), users can compare

TV shows’ performance to gather competitive intelligence, benchmark success in various territories and identify opportunities, such as release schedules as well as potential product placements and much more. 

MIDiA’s proprietary audience data, which tracks consumer trends including consumption behaviours and attitudes, reveals the depth of audience fragmentation and engagement in the digital landscape, underlying the fact that traditional ratings systems are lacking in their representation and understanding of audience behaviour in the streaming era.

Mark Mulligan, MIDiA Research’s managing director said: “Streaming has transformed what audiences watch and how they watch it. The resulting fragmentation of audiences across time and place has however made it hard to truly understand the full impact of a show. With Index we are addressing this challenge head on. 

“Our unique combination of proprietary show-level audience data with market metrics fills a crucial gap in market, providing datasets and market intelligence tailormade for the streaming era.”

Peter Sargent, former AVP of product management, AT&T and co-founder at Eleventeen Solutions said: “As streaming platforms continue to shy away from a one-size-fits-all content strategy, understanding the incremental value each series can bring to a platform (and how it compliments an existing content lineup) is crucial. The MIDiA index will help you make this assessment. Index offers an excellent consolidated view of individual series and their potential value (to advertisers and content owners, alike), saving you from spending hours collecting streaming and brand awareness data points from across the web.”

A respected insights partner, trusted by some of the world’s preeminent media brands and known for its unique perspective and grasp of the relational tension between attention, engagement and monetisation—key drivers in the attention economy, MIDiA brings to the market an exceptional proposition that illuminates not just the true impact of video content in today’s world, but also the audiences in front of the mobile, laptop or TV screens.

About MIDiA Research: MIDiA Research is an analysis and data company focused on the intersection of media and technology. With proprietary data, MIDiA provides its client base of leading global media and tech companies with reports, analysis and data tools that provide unrivalled insight into the rapidly changing digital content marketplace.