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Lionsgate Modernizes Media Supply Chain with Ateliere to Better Manage and Monetize Library of Iconic Titles

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading developer of media supply chain solutions, just shared key insights on how legendary studio Lionsgate transformed its media supply chain to help manage and monetize its iconic 17,000 title library.

Century City, CA(18 Jul 2023)

Gray Ainsworth, Executive Vice President of Technical Operations & Delivery at Lionsgate, describes the positive impact that migrating to a digital media supply chain in the cloud had on: 

  • Sales Enablement & Time to Market: The large and growing Lionsgate catalog resulted in a very disparate library with knowledge silos existing all over the company. To automate and streamline the supply chain, library visibility was of the utmost importance; a clear picture of what Lionsgate already owned paired with an efficient distribution workflow enabled the sales team to maximize ROI on existing titles.
  • Creating a Better Partner Experience: While some content was held by Lionsgate, some was held by its partners, creating an unorganized environment for everyone. By centralizing content and then migrating it to the cloud, Lionsgate partners are now able to access “clean” titles, which led to more flexibility and collaboration resulting in the ability to deliver more content without additional resources.
  • Achieving Greater Operational Efficiency: Establishing a well-defined title hierarchy became critical to managing the numerous assets that correspond with features and episodic content. Through an event bridge, anytime a title is updated in Lionsgate’s title master system, it automatically syncs across the entire workflow, eliminating different versions that perpetuate over time. The entire system was up and running in a matter of weeks. Before, this required a proactive and manual process that resulted in duplications and lost time.
  • Building for the Future: Rather than constructing an extensive infrastructure in-house, Lionsgate wanted a no code option that allowed them to focus on organizing their library, migrating it to the cloud, and optimizing distribution. The result is greater flexibility, more efficient collaboration with service providers and a future-proofed media supply chain set to meet customer needs of today and tomorrow.

For more information on how Lionsgate transformed their media supply chain in the cloud, please visit: 

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Ateliere Creative Technologies is a leading cloud-native media supply chain company that empowers media companies and content creators to reach consumers on a global scale. The Ateliere suite of SaaS solutions incorporates cutting-edge workflows and formats to make the vision for a studio in the cloud a reality. The nucleus of the Ateliere platform, Ateliere Connect™, delivers core competencies in IMF, parallel scaling, and geographically distributed workflows. Ateliere is built by a team of experts with decades of combined experience at companies such as Fox, HBO, Netflix, and Microsoft. 

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