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Linius Set to Transform Global TV Market With Video Virtualization Technology

Melbourne, Australia(05 Apr 2017)

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU), creator of the Video Virtualization Engine today unveiled a global industry-first, virtualized video. The patented innovation allows for the manipulation of video files between source and destination, creating new opportunities for TV providers and content owners to protect, personalize, and monetize video assets.

For traditional television providers in the broadcast and cable industries, virtualization allows for unprecedented levels of personalization by producing unique video streams for individual viewers. Viewers can be targeted with personalized ad units that can be inserted in real time as the video stream is being transmitted, creating the same programmatic advertising opportunity the internet has delivered for years. 

As a result, traditional TV providers can halt the drift of ad dollars from television to the online marketplace, while providing a viewer experience that’s more targeted and relevant. For content owners and licensors virtualized video has the added advantage of being piracy-proof, because the data is never downloaded as a video file.

Chris Richardson, CEO of Linius calls video virtualization a transformative breakthrough for broadcasters and cable TV providers, “Our Virtualization Engine applies to video the same principles that have transformed computing, networking and data storage—virtualization. Now we can create virtualized video that is lighter, more agile, and able to be subjected to a range of commands, queries, business rules and broadcast workflows.” 

Richardson added, “Virtualization opens opportunities for television providers to create hyper-personalized experiences, insert targeted advertising, introduce payment gateways within the content itself, enhance piracy protection and allow for instant video integration across multiple platforms.”

Virtual video works by cracking open the container of digital video files to index and access the data inside. The original video file remains untouched, while a virtual file – or ‘ghost file’ — is created instead. With the data virtualized, video data can be tagged, spliced with other video files, managed and manipulated all while it’s streaming its way to a device. 

About Linius Technologies Limited

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) has cracked the code on content intelligence and developed the next evolution of video streaming through virtualization. We transform static video content into agile, dynamic files that can be easily manipulated on the fly to deliver custom experience for both broadcasters and consumers.