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Introducing FAST Channels TV: Enabling global reach for content providers and distribution platforms

In a recent interview, Russell Foy, the CEO of FAST Channels TV, discussed the company's unique approach to "free ad-based streaming TV" and how the company is revolutionizing the industry by helping content providers, ISPs, and distribution platforms con

Toronto, Canada(19 Jun 2023)

In a recent interview, Russell Foy, the CEO of FAST Channels TV, discussed the company's unique approach to "free ad-based streaming TV" and how the company is revolutionizing the industry by helping content providers, ISPs, and distribution platforms connect with new, global audiences. Read on to learn more about FAST Channels TV and the exciting opportunities they offer.


About FAST Channels TV

FAST Channels TV is a leading technology provider to the video industry. Through strategic partnerships with content owners and OTT platforms, we offer comprehensive content distribution, monetization, and technology services in a flexible, white label, a-la-carte model. What sets FAST Channels TV apart is our innovative combination of technology and content, coupled with a revenue-sharing approach that minimizes set-up costs for new projects.


How FAST Channels TV Works

FAST Channels TV encompasses two key aspects. Firstly, it includes an end-to-end white label technology platform that comprises consumer apps, middleware, a content management system (CMS), ad monetization services, analytics providing valuable insights into earnings and viewership metrics, content ingestion and transcoding, and a content distribution network (CDN). Secondly, FAST Channels TV provides a full complement of both linear TV channels and VOD assets to enhance our client’s content offering.

Content owners can license their content to FAST Channels TV, we then leverage their advanced playout service to create FAST linear channels and also prepare video-on-demand (VOD) assets for AVOD deployment and monetization. FAST Channels TV then facilitates the placement of these channels on various OTT platforms to generate revenue. The revenue generated is shared back with content owners, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

For OTT platforms, channels, and operators, FAST Channels TV provides an end-to-end white label platform encompassing access to our extensive library of over 200 FAST channels and 2,000 AVOD titles, complete with monetization capabilities. The revenue generated through these channels is shared back with the operators, fostering a collaborative and lucrative relationship.


Fast and Efficient Launch Process

One of the key advantages of working with FAST Channels TV is our ability to rapidly launch new channels and OTT TV streaming platforms. We can launch a new FAST linear channel within two to 10 days, while a new OTT platform can be rolled out within one to four weeks. This is made possible through our white label technology platform and apps, which streamline the launch process and allow partners to focus on content and marketing.


Key Considerations for Content Providers

A robust marketing strategy is essential for a successful FAST channel launch. Identifying and targeting markets with high CPMs (Cost Per Mille) is crucial in the early stages. Tier 1 markets, including the USA, and Tier 2 markets, such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain, offer excellent opportunities for maximizing ad rates. As the FAST ecosystem matures, expanding into additional markets becomes a viable option.


Securing Access to Platforms

When securing access to platforms, content providers must emphasize customer acquisition. Simply creating a FAST channel is not enough to guarantee viewership or returns. Platforms seek new channels and compelling content that attract users to their platform and keep them engaged. Content providers must focus on driving viewers to the platforms where their channels are placed, as well as creating content that entices users to keep coming back for more.


Benefits of FAST Channels TV

FAST Channels TV is not intended to replace subscription services but rather serve as an attractive alternative or a free option to an existing subscription-based offering. By providing free, high-quality, and reliable feeds, FAST Channels TV appeals to viewers who prefer not to pay for subscriptions. Additionally, FAST Channels TV contributes to the fight against piracy by providing legal and accessible content options, leaving less room for pirated services. From a revenue perspective, content owners can leverage their existing libraries to create FAST channels, drive new ad revenue, direct traffic to premium or subscription entertainment, and fund future content development.


Unique Offerings for Content Providers

FAST Channels TV's revenue-sharing model stands out in the market. Content owners and operators can enter the FAST market swiftly, without substantial upfront costs, extensive monthly commitments, or exclusive long-term contracts. This approach allows operators to expand their offerings, while content owners can launch services, evaluate revenue potential, and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, FAST Channels TV offers a comprehensive suite of services, including advanced playout, content management, monetization, analytics, and distribution, all under one platform. This simplifies the process for content providers and allows them to focus on creating engaging content and growing their audience.

FAST Channels TV is revolutionizing the streaming TV industry by providing content owners, ISPs, and distribution platforms with a flexible and cost-effective solution to reach global audiences. With our end-to-end white label platform, extensive library of FAST channels and AVOD assets, revenue-sharing model, and efficient launch process, FAST Channels TV offers a unique and compelling opportunity for content providers to expand their reach and monetize their content effectively.

Embrace the future of streaming TV with FAST Channels TV and learn how we can help you to deploy an end-to-end white label TV streaming platform, maximize monetization, expand channel lineups, launch your own FAST channels, and onboard more viewers. Contact us today at to learn more and start your journey towards global success.