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Interactive Live Streaming: nanocosmos and Realtimebox enable real-time engagement for Trivia game shows based on nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player

nanocosmos GmbH, a Berlin-based leading company for low latency live streaming software and services, and Realtimebox, London-based company for interactive solutions worldwide, join forces to enable real-time engagement for Trivia game shows and promote u

Berlin(12 Jul 2018)

The rise of interactive live streaming use cases: Trivia game shows

With the growth of online social interaction and the boom of content generation, the need for real-time engagement is inevitable, and the search for interactive live video streaming tremendously raises. Many interactive use cases have been recently coming up but one specifically saw its popularity explode. Trivia game shows pushed online engagement to a new level, and by involving the audience and creating a fun competition environment became a trend all over the world.

Made of compelling real-time content, Trivia combines the live participation of viewers with the dynamics of online gaming. Different than traditional TV game shows that limit interaction to a few lucky chosen players, Trivia relies on innovative live video streaming to achieve a wider audience and to make possible that thousands of people can participate. The decision-making power given to the audience by a real moderator with live video promotes a more engaging and attractive experience that is revolutionizing the broadcast and live streaming industry.

nanocosmos and Realtimebox: the technology behind interactive live streaming for Trivia game shows

The interaction proposed by Trivia shows depends on compelling content, but also on advanced technology. By bringing together ultra-low-latency live streaming and live participation  features, nanocosmos and Realtimebox are some of these companies revolutionizing interactive live streaming use cases.

The engagement enabled by Realtimebox through its quiz and polling tools got complete with the choice for nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player as live streaming technology. “With this cooperation, we are offering the best solution to help content producers and brands deliver top interactivity for live users. We integrate with nanocosmos to be able to guarantee the delivery of low latency video in an efficient way that admits latencies with delays of only 1 second around the world and everyone can play on the web, iOS and Android on any browser without any app download”, says Pablo Armesto, Realtimebox CEO.

As Trivia use cases rely on low latency live streaming and availability in the browser on mobile devices, nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player plays an important role for a successful show. Through its unique H5Live technology, nanoStream Cloud supports ultra-low-latency delivery and playback of live streams in the browser, both for desktop and mobile devices. Thus, any interaction during the live stream won’t suffer from long video delays, making the content more compelling.  “Ultra-low-latency live streaming for Trivia use cases creates a lot of new business opportunities. We are glad to partner with Realtimebox to enable Trivia game shows around the globe with any audience size”, stated Oliver Lietz, nanocosmos CEO.

The multiplayer video experience is also a challenge for Trivia game shows. The growth of popularity has pushed the amount of gamers and currently some platforms count on more than one million players daily. “nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player is the perfect fit for such use case because it enables live streaming to large audience keeping ultra-low latency of around one second. Anything different than this would just not work”, commented Oliver.

New interactive live streaming use cases

Trivia game shows have been changing the way businesses look at live video streaming. The huge success in a short period of time achieved by the quiz format made different industries realize the huge potential of interactive live streaming with real-time engagement.

Commenting on the variety of new use cases, Pablo revealed, “Interactivity is the gateway to increase transactions and open opportunities for formats in this emerging market like live game shows, sports, kids and other variations for different audiences.”

Literally every business can benefit from live interaction. That’s why the partnership between nanocosmos and Realtimebox will keep promoting the best experience for true real-time audience engagement.

About nanocosmos

nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player are nanocosmos flagship products, developed to enable your interactive live streaming use cases. nanocosmos, Berlin-based and founded 1998, has created the unique H5Live technology for plugin-free ultra-low latency delivery and playback on any device and HTML5 browsers. nanoStream Cloud is a scalable live streaming solution for any audience size for use cases where every second counts. It can also be used as ultra-low-latency CDN to extend your existing live streaming workflows. Powerful Live Encoding and Broadcast is possible with your existing encoders or our nanoStream Apps and SDKs, or even completely plugin-free from the browser with nanoStream

About Realtimebox

We create and produce innovative and "true real time" contents solutions to allow you to engage and interact with your audience through all media channels and devices.

Our mission is to share public reactions and opinions more effectively and create strong interactive content.

Real time interactive shows for TV, Radio, Web, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Twitter, VR, Digital Outdoor, Events, Influencers, Youtubers, Streamers & Gamers.