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Instant secure fingerprinting for streaming and downloadable video

Xvid AutoGraph, the new protection technology that embeds robust watermarked fingerprints into online video has just got better: By adding support for MPEG DASH, Autograph’s invisible forensic watermark instantly binds video content to its recipient also

Hof, Germany(13 Jul 2015)

The latest update to Xvid AutoGraph now also supports the new MPEG DASH adaptive streaming protocol in all typical resolutions, including also UHD 4K.  Watermarked video files are effortlessly created in real-time on-the-fly, without affecting the video's perceived visual quality. The watermarked fingerprint survives even sophisticated removal or masking attacks, including video filtering, format conversions, size and quality changes - all processing steps that are also common e.g. with spreading pirate copies through tube sites.

The digital signature carries a customer-ID tag, acting as virtual fingerprint with DNA qualities that becomes an invisible part of the entire delivered video. Hidden in every video frame, it cannot be removed and is only extracted when needed to uncover, identify and expose illegal uploaders with pin-point accuracy.

Fair use for the consumer remains unrestricted - just opposite to conventional and widely disliked DRM schemes. This includes portability and playability of the AutoGraph-protected video files on any kind of device or platform as protected files remain regular video that do not require any special hard- or software for playback. Autographed files play when and wherever consumers want them to, with no prior registration, key exchange, special player or online connection needed.

"Existing DRM doesn't prevent illegal copies, it just prevents sales by pushing customers to look elsewhere for DRM-free content." says Michael Militzer, inventor of the popular Xvid video codec and co-founder of Xvid Solutions. "In today's world where small, independent artists depend entirely on the success of their online sales but are hit hard by illegal file hosts paying incentives to pirate even the smallest, independent releases, it is time for something new. Something that is balanced, efficient and affordable and that does not criminalize the large majority of honest and loyal users like DRM does. So we came up with Xvid AutoGraph, a passive protection that just individually tags each video, turning every video copy into a valuable original."

AutoGraph video protection is highly scalable and applicable to all video related business models. Authors and content owners who are affected by online piracy are invited to visit for a demo of this new technology.


About Xvid AutoGraph

Xvid AutoGraph is a non-evil fingerprinting technology for online video. Invented by the creators of the legendary Xvid Video Codec, it brings back the balance between content owners and consumers in delivering both protection and unrestricted playability. Xvid AutoGraph molds an invisible user- and transaction related watermarked fingerprint deep into downloaded or streamed videos, making illegal uploading and sharing a futile endeavor without harming the user experience for loyal consumers in any way. AutoGraph is readily available as part of the cloud-based Xvid MediaHub video authoring and streaming service but can be obtained also for private cloud or on-site deployments.


About Xvid Solutions

Xvid Solutions is the company that evolved from the Xvid video codec which was first to bring quality user video to the net. Founded by the core Xvid engineers and based in Hof, Germany, the company has now developed a diverse portfolio of high-quality, innovative software solutions for all typical needs around video processing and delivery.