European Commission funds Contentflow live streaming software

Through the "Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC)", the European Commission will support the further development of Contentflow's live streaming software with approximately 2.8 million dollars.

NY & Berlin(25 Sep 2020)

The EIC sees the live streaming software as an important tool to connect people in the times of COVID-19. Contentflow has specialized in the development of a live streaming software with its own player, multi-streaming to social networks, live subtitles and other functions. The investors include Speedinvest, Betaworks and AET.

Since 2018 Contentflow is also active in the USA. Media companies, event locations and marketing departments use Contentflow. Almost 4000 start-ups applied for the EIC's Accelerator Pilot Project. Contentflow is one of 36 companies selected for funding to fight the corona pandemic. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: "The enormous talent and groundbreaking ideas of innovative European companies give us hope". The EIC support for ideas to combat the coronavirus is part of the EU's joint efforts to overcome the crisis.