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Content Companies From Around the Globe Rely on Conviva to Deliver the Best 2010 FIFA World Cup Online Video Fan Experience

Conviva helped power the live and on-demand 2010 FIFA World Cup online video experience for several content providers around the globe including Astro (Malaysia), CBC (Canada), CNTV (China), TV 2 (Norway) and Univision Interactive Media (U.S.).

San Mateo, CA(13 Jul 2010)

Conviva, Inc., an advanced streaming solutions provider, today announced that it helped power the live and on-demand online video experience to millions of 2010 FIFA World Cup fans around the world. Astro (Malaysia), CBC (Canada), CNTV (China), TV 2 (Norway) and Univision Interactive Media (U.S.) are among the list of content providers that Conviva provided real-time viewer measurement and diagnostics during all 64 matches of this record-breaking online event.

The 2010 World Cup marked the first time an online event secured a broadcast TV-level audience.  Over the course of the matches, Conviva managed more than 200 million streams and reached more than 30 million unique viewers worldwide.  In addition, Conviva handled over three billion viewer minutes and, on the thirteenth day of the event, maintained nearly 1.5 million peak concurrent viewers simultaneously.

 In the past, large-scale live events were full of delivery failures and choppy video user experiences. With so many fans coming online for each match, sustaining high quality at high scale was a priority for each content company streaming the event. To that end, Conviva's sophisticated technology was used to watch every viewer in real time, predict when an interruption was about to occur and take proactive steps to prevent an unacceptable user experience from happening.

 "We have a reputation to maintain with our consumers, so we couldn't risk the occurrence of poor online video while streaming the 2010 FIFA World Cup," said Paul Dale, CTO, Astro, Malaysia's leading cross-media broadcaster and direct-to-home (DTH) satellite pay-TV operator. "With Conviva, our entire online audience was able to enjoy the best possible viewing experience during the matches without fail.

Large-Scale, Live Event Expertise
Conviva has found that up to a quarter of all video streams have quality issues, typically due to rebuffering. By using Conviva's solutions, content companies are able to eliminate the causes of poor video quality and reclaim up to 50 percent more viewer minutes, translating into greater brand loyalty and increased revenues.  This is especially crucial for live events that require on-the-fly flexibility and optimization as online audiences rapidly increase at any given point in time.

During the World Cup, all of Conviva's services were used in concert to protect the viewer experience from poor video quality.  Specifically, Conviva's patented technology anticipated potential failures in video delivery and seamlessly switched fans to maintain high-quality viewing. In tandem with this capability, Conviva's highly-tuned adaptive bitrate technology connected viewers to optimal bitrates based on both individual and global audience intelligence. 

"The 2010 FIFA World Cup was an unprecedented leap ahead for the industry in terms of scale, and a significant milestone for Conviva," said Darren Feher, president and CEO, Conviva. "With a live event, you can't correct quality issues after the fact. We have proved time and time again how our real-time insights, diagnostics and remediation put customers in control of delivering the best online video quality.  Quite simply, we empower content providers to protect online audiences from the potential failures inherent in a complex online video ecosystem."

About Conviva
Conviva is transforming the online video experience by eliminating the causes of choppy, unpredictable viewing for both live events and on-demand content.  Starting with real-time audience instrumentation, Conviva's intelligent video platform empowers content publishers by automating both dynamic bit rate adjustment and the management of multiple distribution networks to optimize the experience and cost of large-scale video businesses.  Great content brands rely on Conviva to deliver the best quality video without hurting their profit margins.  For more information on Conviva, please visit