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CDN77 Launches the Live Streaming CDN

Live Streaming CDN is a stand-alone platform which combines encoding, transcoding and layers of security for a buffer-free global live video delivery.

London, United Kingdom(13 Feb 2018)

Can you imagine a live streaming CDN platform that would help you process and deliver your live streams while providing bandwidth for unexpected peaks for free?

We are happy to introduce a simple-to-use solution which combines encoding, transcoding and layers of security with a low-latency and buffer-free global video delivery - Live Streaming CDN by CDN77.

Over the last 18 months, we've helped our clients deliver countless streams and live events to their global audience including TEDx Talks, Grammy Awards, sports events, scientific breakthrough announcements as well as online broadcasting of private and public TV channels around the globe. By doing so, our clients helped us realise how powerful and beneficial the combination of video processing and a massive and global content delivery network can be.

It’s crystal clear that live video is everywhere these days. According to Cisco’s data elaborated by Ingrid Lunden, video accounted for 73% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016. She also claims that by 2021, video streaming will be responsible for more than 80% of the global internet traffic. The recent surge of viewership goes hand in hand with the unceasing demand for the improvement of video quality and its seamless delivery across platforms and devices.

The 2017 Video Streaming Perception Report conducted by MUX reveals that the major source of end users’ frustration accounts for playback failures such as slow loading times as well as frequent video stalling and rebuffering.

Simply put, the magic of attracting and growing viewership lies in both quality and reliability. Add the need for keeping a decent amount of spare internet connectivity to absorb potential unpredicted peaks in views and you have it. The publishers and live streaming providers are in a tough game there.

At CDN77, we’ve always aspired to help with the technical side of things using the latest technology while maintaining completely transparent and cost-effective pricing terms. It goes without saying that Live Streaming CDN follows this core value too.

Live Streaming CDN is created to be as fast and reliable as the latest technologies allow. It’s built for global delivery leveraging our entire 18 PoP network in Europe and North America with the capacity of over 7 Tbps. As to the playback options, it supports all HTTP streaming protocols you need to reach your audience across all platforms and devices. Not only it assures the lowest possible latency but it makes sure you do not need to worry about any unexpected peaks in views anymore.

Let’s look a bit closer at how you can serve your clients using our Live Streaming CDN. There’s a solution in place whether you run an RTMP/RTSP stream or maintain your own streaming server.

We can take care of converting and transcoding your RTMP-RTSP streams into HTTP-based formats such as HLS, HDS and MPEG/DASH as well as their delivery using our redundant network. This solution helps you avoid maintaining your own streaming infrastructure.

If you prefer keeping the video processing at your end and use our servers to solely deliver your stream, we simply pull your HLS, HDS and/or MPEG-DASH stream from your origin server and distribute it to your audience.

HLS, HDS and MPEG-DASH playback formats ensure that you reach your audience across platforms and devices including desktop, mobile and IPTV as well as recent and all upcoming HbbTV models. Furthermore, these protocols follow the principle of segmenting the stream into manageable chunks which allow for resolution and bitrate adjustment based on users’ bandwidth and device capabilities. The adaptive bitrate streaming reduces the bandwidth consumption while guaranteeing the best possible viewer experience.

Always having security in mind, the Live Streaming CDN comes with 100% SSL/TLS support. Thanks to other features such as time or IP based secure tokens, Geographical or IP whitelist/blacklist, you’re in full control of your content security and accessibility.

Handle your peaks. Do not pay for them.

And the most exciting part is still to come. We do offer a variety of single events and monthly packages where you pay for bandwidth capacity only with no hidden fees and unlimited TB transfer starting at $149.  

All monthly packages come with the Peak-Safety Net - A singular and unexampled feature that gives you an opportunity to use twice as much of your purchased bandwidth for a period of 4 hours each month - at no additional charge. Yes, exactly! We are giving you the peak bandwidth for FREE.

Give it a try!

You are welcome to test the live streaming services. Get in touch with our team today. We’re happy to discuss your specific requirements, work together and make sure we provide the optimal solution for your project. Stream Global. Go live with CDN77!